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Take Influencer marketing decisions based on real stats.

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The one and only Social Media Analytics platform that allows you to monitor Influencers and Competitors on Instagram and gives you unique Demographics data.

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Influencer Analysis

Investing in Influencer marketing? You definitely need a tool for that!
  • Engagement Metrics

    Discern real influencers with engaged audiences from those with inactive fanbases.
  • Demographics

    Are you sure you are reaching the right target? We are the only providers for Influencers' Country, Age and Gender demographic data.
  • Fraud Analysis

    Quickly identify fake followers, fake likes and be sure of your next investment.
  • Top posts

    Learn your influencers' strenght and value.

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Performance Analysis

Get in-deep marketing analysis of your past performance and improve your present strategy.
  • Best time to post

    Elaborated for your account, not a global statistic that might or might not apply to you.
  • Best posts

    Learn from your past posts (up to 12 months) and learn what you did right.
  • Followers and interaction growth

    Keep an eye to your historical growth and forecast you future performance

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PC Insights

PC Insights

Competitor Analysis

Keep an eye on your competitors' activities to improve your current efforts.
  • Their engagement growth

    Analyze how their followers, likes and comments grew in the last 12 months
  • Top Photos/Videos

    What did they post that was successfull?
  • When do they post?

    Find out their best timing for aligning your strategy

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