ZEBA. The Insta-Brand That’s Changing The Perception Of Beauty

We live in a world bound by unrealistic beauty standards where you should only feel pretty in size 0 while wearing a size L is akin to wearing the ‘cone of shame’. Thus, it becomes so easy to forsake our god-given bodies for a 36-24-36 frame which is, unnatural to say the least. The problem that we’ve been facing in this generation is an increase in body dysmorphia, propelled by media and the environment around us.

But here comes Nabela Noor, a beautiful and empowering woman whose brand challenges existing beauty standards one shirt at a time.


Nabela Noor is a Bangladeshi-American vlogger and fashion/beauty influencer who first gained prominence through her Youtube channel Nabela Noor in 2013. Her videos are mainly on body positivity and building confidence, just like this one:

@nabela’s account statistics, provided by Popular Chips

She currently has 1.2m followers on her personal Instagram account. She boasts high engagement rates of 5.22% (the average American celebrity influencer has 3.63%), owing much of her success to the inspirational posts about positive self-image and encouragement she gives to her followers.

As one of the few women who are pushing for a change in the current world’s beauty standards, Nabela decided to start up her own brand Zeba in June 2019, which is not only size-inclusive but, what I might also add, revolutionary.


Zeba was started back in June 2019, which was approximately 1 month back from the date this article was written. From the getgo, Nabela intended for Zeba to do great things and so far, it has changed the lives of many.

1. Size inclusiveness and New ZEBA-standard sizing

Zeba is one of very few clothing sites that offer a wide size range, from XS all the way to 4XL.

The most groundbreaking thing though is the sizing chart for the site:

courtesy of wearzeba.com

Instead of using the normal sizing chart, Zeba uses a new sizing chart, made of different impactful and brilliant adjectives. Instead of a size L, one would be a size Fearless. While this seems like a small tweak to critics, to many others, instead of being ‘labelled’ a size, they are instead encouraged to embody the quality she represents; That is, ‘Passionate’, ‘Brave’, ‘Inspiring’, ‘Fearless’, etc.

2. Giving courage to those who need it

Founder Nabela has been changing lives through her show ‘The Bright Fight’. Here is an excerpt of one of many lives she’s changed:

Who is cutting onions in this room?!

3. Amazing brand experience

As a brand that strives to exude positivity, Zeba takes care in ensuring that customers feel good from the second they click the site up till they are wearin’ (and lovin’) their outfit. Its Instagram account features very neat and aesthetic quotes about self-love, including these ones:

courtesy of @zeba

This surely brightened up my mood and I’m sure customers find solace in the many simple but lovely quotes.

Moreover, the Zeba packaging is just everything:

View this post on Instagram

All 😍😍 for our packaging! Our Founder @Nabela wanted to make the unboxing of our Zeba tee an experience for each and every one of you! She also wanted the little details to serve as daily self-love reminders you can wear and use to decorate your space!⁣ ⁣ The beautiful Zeba lilac ribbon contains all of the size names from our Zeba standard. This ribbon would look stunning tied in fun hair looks, wrapped around beach bag handles & more! ⁣ ⁣ The “Welcome to the Self-Love Revolution” card is an uplifting accessory to your work space, to place on your mirror or in your locker!⁣ ⁣ The “Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful” tee is available for pre-order and you can buy yours today by clicking the link in our bio! ⁣ ⁣ Pre-orders are starting to ship out and we can’t wait for you to receive your tee! 💕✨

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There is a “Welcome to the Self-Love Revolution” card, small enough to fit your wallets or as a motivational quote by one’s desk or mirror. A wonderfully compact, convenient and much-needed reminder to be positive.

courtesy of @zeba

The lilac packaging ribbon matches its products perfectly (with Zeba’s sizing printed on) and can be used as a bag handle, hair accessory and many more.

Success in Numbers

With such a meaningful vision, I wondered what the company’s statistics are like, in terms of engagement, audience growth as well as who it appealed to.


@zeba’s engagement, provided by Popular Chips

Zeba averages out to 9.97% in terms of image engagement rates, which is (likes+comments/total no. of followers)*100. In contrast to the usual brand engagement rates of 0.52%, Zeba performs nearly 20 times better. Moreover, its video view rates are very high, at 66.01%, indicating that at least 36k of its 60k followers watch videos published by Zeba!

Audience Growth

@zeba’s audience growth, provided by Popular Chips

The brand also rakes in very high audience growth rate of 65.77% within the last 30 days, which is healthy for an up and coming brand like Zeba.

Demographics – Age

@zeba’s age demographics, provided by Popular Chips

It’s significant to see how people of all ages resonate with Zeba. That said, the bulk of its followers seem to be millennials in the 25-35 age range, with a distribution of 33.85%, while the youngest of the millennials (and the oldest of Generation Zs) take the 2nd largest share of the pie, with 20.99%.

Demographics – Gender

@zeba’s gender demographics, provided by Popular Chips

Here is another interesting data, on the gender distribution for this account. While I expected the pie to skew towards more female than male, there is actually a balanced spread within the 30-34% range, in fact, there are slightly more male followers than female followers, of 1.29% more males than females. This could mean that contrary to popular belief that men are less likely to worry about their body image, they are actually as insecure as women are and that they too, relate to self-love and need encouragement time to time.


In all, the ‘rookie’ brand Zeba has been killin’ the game since day 1 with great statistical results to back it up and I can’t wait to see how many lives are changed through the brand.

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