YouTubers’ Influence On IPhone X

The increasing importance of influencers’ reviews

The future is here: IPhone X

Pre-order for the highly anticipated IPhone X has started since 27th of October but the official release date is the 3rd of November – tomorrow! Packed with exciting new features, fans have been all excited to get their hands on the phone since its first appearance.

With features such as TrueDepth camera, Animoji and FaceID, its not hard to see its worldwide appeal.

Just days before the official release and we have already started seeing numerous IPhone X reviews and unboxing videos going around YouTube from big tech reviewers and top gadget influencers. With social media reviews being the to-go sources for many consumers, we can see the strong influence these YouTubers can have on strong brands like Apple.

These unboxing and review videos from professional gadget YouTubers can garner million of views and proved to be crucial for brands to stay relevant, generate hype and provide authentic reviews. Now, let’s take a look at some of the most recent top IPhone X related videos on YouTube. Some of them are first impressions and technical review while some are YouTubers trying to fool IPhone X’s FaceID feature, let’s see how they went!

First impressions and technical reviews

Challenging Face ID

Are you ready for IPhone X tomorrow?

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