You shouldn’t hire social influencers based on their followers

Remember at the beginning of Internet Advertising, when we were buying tons of CPM banners and never knew where our money went? Then the CPC came, and said it was better. At last Performance arrived, and we could finally really know our ROI.

Well, when talking about Instagram, we are back to the stone age – marketing speaking. Companies and Marketing Managers are paying Social Media Stars basing their fees on the number of followers (the CPM of Social Networks) without having a real metric able to measure the engagement of the stars’ audience. Yes, you can monitor your organic traffic growth. Yes, you can check if you got any more sales. But can you do anything before running the campaign?

It is sort of like buying an ad on a newspaper: you know (don’t even get me started on this…) how many people will read the newspaper, but you don’t really know how many people will actually look at your ad, how many will find it interesting, and how many will talk about it after having seen it.

But on Internet, on Social Networks, on Instagram, we COULD have more information and we COULD make a more informed decision.

That’s why Popular Chips started working on algorithms to help Marketing Managers on investing their budgets correctly, with more information about the engagement they are going to get in return.

Let’s not fool ourselves; we know that measuring sales on an Instagram post is not the correct way to look at it. Doing advertising on Instagram is all about branding and product perception. But even these parameters can be analyzed and foreseen, and Popular Chips is giving it a try.


>Through daily monitoring most of the Instagram accounts out there, Popular Chips has created advanced metrics like FPL and FPC (how many followers are required to generate a like or a Comment) and two quality scores, by which they rank Instagram influencers.

The Overall Score (or Absolute Score) indicates how wide the audience of the stars is and the level of this audience’s engagement. This means that we are looking at a combination of how many followers they have, how many comments and likes they receive. There is no surprise that the top positions of this ranking are real-life celebrities like Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner.

The Relative Score indicates how strong the bond between social influencers and their audience is, independently of the audience’s size. This gives you an idea of the audience’s quality. In this case, minor celebrities run the show; as we could expect, bigger celebrities have weaker bonds with their audience than smaller influencers.


Thanks to these numbers, Marketing Managers can plan their campaign without the fear of paying for a fake audience or a non-engaged audience, improving thus the ROI of any campaign.

All the data analyzed by Popular Chips is released for free consultation on their website.



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