#WkndMmts: the 75th Golden Globes & BTSoutcast

In this week’s #WkndMmts, instead of multiple small updates, we bring you updates on two big things that have been trending on social media over the weekend.

75th Golden Globe Awards

The Golden Globe Awards is back! Begun in January 1944, the Awards has honored film and television productions as well as the stars that have contributed to them for 75 good years (and counting).

The host of this year’s ceremony is Seth Meyers, whose best jokes during the ceremony have been compiled into a short video.

Meyers certainly wasn’t the only one to talk about Harvey Weinstein that night.

Some other highlights of the event include Natalie Portman calling out the abysmal number of females nominees for the best director category.

As well as Oprah Winfrey’s inspiring speech for winning the Cecil B. DeMille award.

Here’s her entire backstage speech.

So what did social media have to say about the event?

Some were enamored by Oprah’s speech.

Others downplayed the moment and the significance of her speech by highlighting her act of kissing Harvey Weinstein on the cheek at another event. Some even accused her of contributing to the plight of the individuals who were sexually harassed and assaulted by Weinstein.

While some users were impressed and others infuriated by the activism in this awards ceremony, others were just glad to have seen a Harry Potter pairing that they had not considered before.


The BTS fandom has done it again! With such an active and enthusiastic fandom, it seems almost inevitable that the Korean boy band trends at least once a week. This time, however, the BTS boys are not trending because of anything the boys themselves have done. Neither are they trending because it is one of the boys’ birthdays.

This week, the Bangtan boys are trending because they are the subjects of a Twitter-based, user-influenced fan fiction. Yes, you read us right. A fan-fictional account of the BTS boys’ adventures has managed to generate as much online furore as the boys themselves and it all began with this tweet.

Spanning 5 days, the psychological thriller was set in an AU (alternate universe) where the BTS boys were kidnapped. The storyline and sequence were planned and carried out by 15 year old Twitter user @flirtaus, who gave readers the chance to participate in direction of the story by voting for one of two outcomes at the end of each day.

By the final day, the hashtag #BTSoutcastD5 was trending with approximately 700K tweets at the time of writing.

The fan fiction was so popular that it generated fan art.

Some were even made to believe that the events of the story were happening in real life.

Since the entire fic was designed and spread on Twitter, creator and author @flirtaus has been encouraged by other fans to make the story into an actual publication but has declined to do so, at least for the time being.

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