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Supermoon 2017

Trending on Twitter right now is the #SuperMoon 2017 with over 57k tweets. On the 3rd of December, the world was treated to the only Supermoon sighting of 2017 where the Moon was exceptionally large and bright as it’s at the closest distance to Earth.

The most recent Supermoon was around a year ago on November 14, 2016 and the skywaters will be even more excited to know that there will be two more Supermoon in 2018 – January 2nd and January 31st.

In case you’ve missed it, watch the Super Moon in action here!

Of course, everyone who spotted the Supermoon took to various social media platforms to document this phenomenal sighting and here are some of the best shots.


Disney Mulan

Ever since Disney first released news that they would be remaking Mulan set to release in 2019, everyone has been debating and anticipating the final casting for the lead role. Numerous names were suggested and finally, just a couple of days ago, it has been confirmed – Chinese Actress Cystal Liu Yifei will be our next Mulan!

For those familiar with Crystal, the 30 year-old actress is clearly a popular choice for the lead role. With over 53 million fans on Weibo, not only has Crystal starred in various top Chinese films and drams, she has also appeared in Hollywood movies – The Forbidden Kingdom, Outcast.



For those who saw the hashtag on their social feed, you may be wondering what could this hashtag be for. Well, it’s probably not surprising for those familiar with KPOP but for the rest of us, who is this mysterious man that could live up to this hashtag.

The answer is: Kim Seok Jin from BTS and…

It’s his birthday today (4th Dec)! Over the weekend leading up to his birthday, fans from all around the world gathered on social media to dedicate their birthday wishes to their Jin. You may be wondering though, how did the term WorldWideHandsome come about? This may be one of the origin where Jin cheekily calls himself Worldwide handsome to a zombie (?)!

Recently, BTS as a group has achieved some amazing milestones internationally. In May this year, the group’s extraordinary popularity on social networks led to its first Billboard Music Award win for Top Social Artist. Following after and since the release of Wings album, BTS’ popularity has grown tremendously in the States as well.

In September, BTS achieved the first first ever top 10 for a K-pop act on the Billboard 200 albums chart with Love Yourself album ranking at number 7. Later, their top hit “DNA” made its first entry to Billboard Hot 100 songs chart, debuting at number 85.

In November, BTS was even invited to perform at the American Music Awards 2017 and their hashtag #BTSxAMAs trend worldwide on Twitter. BTS has definitely made a name for itself in the international music space, the same goes for all its individual members. In honor of Jin’s birthday, US radio station even played his solo. On Twitter alone, there are over 1.5 million tweets just for him!


Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2017

The Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon (SCSM) has established itself as the marquee running event on Singapore’s sporting calendar and is proudly organized by IRONMAN Asia. It features the highly anticipated Full and Half Marathon as well as kids event, providing runners with a scenic view of Singapore’s iconic landmarks as they race through.

This year, SCSM was held on the 3rd of December and sold out to 48,400 participants for the first time. Kenya runners bagged home the top position for both male and female categories with Cosmas Kimutai and Pamela Rotich.

For the national championship, Singapore top marathoners Soh Rui Yong and Rachel See clinched the local category!

Going by the official hashtag #SCSM2017, there are over 8000 posts on Instagram as participants shared their marathon experience.

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When else would you get almost the whole city closed off for a weekend of events that brought 48,000 people from all over the globe together? Only for The Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 💯 . A rare opportunity to be standing on the street at Esplanade Drive at 5am, ushering in the marathon runners just before sunrise! 🏃🏻‍♀️ . Despite the 3am call time and having been on my feet for 9 hours straight, I’m so grateful to have had this incredible hosting opportunity. I’ve learnt a lot from my fellow international cohosts Whit and Chiqui as well, and I truly hope to link up with you guys again! 🖤 Glad to have hosted Singapore’s biggest running event with you guys! . #SCSM2017 #marathon #singapore #asia @sgmarathon @stanchartsg @underarmoursg PC: @nicolequek

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Closing the year strong!!! 🏃🏽‍♀️ It was my first time taking part in the Standard Chartered and I opted to do the modest 10k because truth be told, I didn’t train. 🙈 With all the work and traveling I’ve been doing, I guess I just wanted to prove to myself that when you put your mind to something, you CAN do it. No matter how tired or lazy you are. No matter how much you’d rather sleep in on a Sunday morning instead of waking up at 6am. It was a wonderful experience and watching the THOUSANDS of people all running together this morning gave me a renewed love for the sport. Can’t wait to start training (properly this time!) for next year!!! Congrats to everyone who took part today!!! Now we’ve TOTALLY earned our Christmas feast! 😝🎄🍖🥔🥩🧀🍗🍝🍾 #NikeRunning #RunSociety #JustKeepRunning #JDISunday #SCSM2017

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STANDARD CHARTERED SINGAPORE MARATHON (19/20) “NAILED IT!” • I’m so so proud to share I achieved my targeted time of finishing 42.195KM in less than 4H30MINS. My timing according to the Gun Time Clock: 4H27MINS. NAILED IT! Go ahead and search my bib number: A15847 🙂 • How it went: I started my race a little too fast. I ran 21KM in less than two hours (1:52:49). Then, the 22KM – 30KM stretch at East Coast Park happened. I felt my left calf cramping up, and had to slow down to accommodate. It eventually cramped up and I had to stretch which took awhile and added a few minutes on to my timing. • I had to walk/jog from the 30-35KM mark. The cramp subsided but by then my legs were on shutdown. It was a very demoralising 35-41KM jog as I was under the impression that I wouldn’t be hitting my target time of finishing it in less than 4H30MINS, and going up The Benjamin Sheares bridge is a nightmare after running 36KM. But nearing the finish line, I saw the huge gun time clock say 4H26MINS. So..I ran for it. Literally. And nailed it. Thank you so much for all your messages of support and love. They kept me going! 🙂 • @sgmarathon @mediacorp @toggle_sg @987fm #987FM #Singapore #SCSM2017 #sp #running #42KM #scsmJO #TheRunningJoak

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