#WkndMmts: Doctor Who, Kylie Jenner’s Pregnancy and Unlikely Santa Snacks

We’re back on Boxing Day with this long weekend’s #WkndMmts! To give you a little head’s up, given the holiday season, all of this week’s news items are (in some way or other) Christmas-related.

Doctor Who Christmas Special

Begun in 1963, Doctor Who soon became a British household favorite and has since made it to worldwide renown. Aside from its regular episodes, the BBC show has featured Christmas specials every year since the revival of the series in 2005. Many anticipated this Christmas special as the show’s producers have been known to introduce new lead characters via the special and Jodie Whittaker had been named the new Doctor earlier this year. She was due to replace Peter Capaldi in his lead role.

For the uninitiated, the program follows the adventures of a Time Lord, a being from the planet of Gallifrey. Time Lords have the ability to regenerate themselves, taking on a different physical form after events that would otherwise result in death. Regeneration has been used multiple times in the series to introduce new actors to play the main role of the Doctor.

What’s interesting is that the role of the Doctor has only been played by men in the series’s decades-long history. The introduction of the new Doctor this time around was even more anticipated as Jodie Whittaker is the first female to take on the role.

So what did social media have to say about this? While there was some controversy when the announcement was first made about Whittaker’s role, most users seemed to be quite excited for her first appearance.

Kylie Jenner’s Pregnancy Announcement

(Or the lack thereof).

Many users had apparently been waiting in anticipation for Kylie Jenner’s official pregnancy announcement, so much so that the word “Kylie” trended with 109K tweets as of the time of writing.

Quite a good portion of users had thought that Kylie was waiting for Christmas Day to make the big reveal, and were sorely disappointed when she seemed to have chosen not to do so, instead posting an image of herself on the cover of Love Magazine.

Other than watching Kylie Jenner, users were also tracking Kim Kardashian, who had been posting photographs from a photoshoot entitled ’25 Days of Christmas’ since the very first day of December. Some users predicted that she would reveal Kylie’s pregnancy on the 25th day.

When Kim finally posted the shot for the 25th day, users expressed their rage and disappointment that the post did not contain a photograph of the pregnant Kylie.


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Unlikely Santa Snacks

Since Santa Claus does all the hard work of delivering presents to children all across the world in his reindeer-pulled sleigh, it’s merely courtesy to provide him with a snack! What could be more fun than imagining what Santa wouldn’t like to have for delivering your presents this year?

While some users poked fun of those who enjoy having healthy snacks, naming items such as kale chips or raisin or low-fat cookies, other users got a little more creative with their answers.

That’s all for this week’s #WkndMmts! We hope you enjoyed our little holiday season update. See you next week with more!

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