#WkndMmts: Black Mirror 4, #RockinEve2018 and the Wolf Moon

Happy 2018 from Popular Chips! Whether your New Year was a noisy one spent among loved ones or a quiet one spent recharging, we hope that you had a great time.

As expected, we’re back this week on #WkndMmts with more updates on what trended on social media over the weekend.

Black Mirror 4

Just in time for the long weekend was the release of Black Mirror 4.

The episodes in order are:

  1. USS Callister
  2. Arkangel
  3. Crocodile
  4. Hang the DJ
  5. Metalhead
  6. Black Museum

Since all the episodes have been made available on Netflix at once, many on social media have already binge-watched everything over the weekend. Some users then rated all of the episodes according to their preferences.

Others simply listed their favorite episodes.

There were some who couldn’t choose their favorite, but knew which one(s) they didn’t like.

As a science fiction serial, Black Mirror is known for its treatment of difficult issues related to the advancement of technology and has a reputation of providing viewers with dark and thought-provoking content. While some of us might be relieved at an episode with a less morbid ending, this user, in particular, seemed to take issue with the way one of the episodes came off too light-hearted.

New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2018

An annual New Year’s Eve event held at Times Square in New York City, New Year’s Rockin’ Eve features live performances from world-renowned artistes.

While various entertainment news outlets highlighted different parts of the performance, it seemed like our golden boys of social media stardom, BTS, managed to dominate the social media space again. In fact, according to some BTS fans, it appears that it was first the BTS-specific hashtag #BTSxRockinEve2018 that trended on Twitter, rather than the generic #RockinEve2018 hashtag.

Arguments about trending hashtags aside, many users were so blown away by their performance that even those who barely knew the boy band before the event seemed to have been mesmerized by them.

Needless to say, it wasn’t possible for BTS to please everyone. Some users took to Twitter to express their disappointment.

The Wolf Moon

The first super moon of the year, also known as the Wolf Moon, has been spotted.

Many users managed catch the extra-large moon. While some caught the image on their smartphones, others used cameras to capture the beautiful sight.

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