Why Is Instagram Launching “Creator Accounts” For High-Profile Influencers?

Instagram is beta testing its “Creator Accounts” for a small group of selected celebrities, artists and high-profile influencers before rolling out the feature in 2019.

Much like the business-focus accounts, the “creator accounts” offer the ability to filter messages, more in-depth analytics on account growth and activity. 

How does Creator Account work?

Up to this day, influencers didn’t have the tool to track analysis on account growth and activity, even verified accounts only get a simple notification when there is a new follower. Yes, the same notification that all of us receive on our personal Instagram accounts. 

Snapchat, on the other hand, has included these analytics to their creators for quite awhile now. To remain in the competition, Instagram’s “creator accounts” offers growth insights such as data around follows and unfollows. Another new feature is the quality filter for direct messaging tools. It gives the creators more control over who has the ability to contact them and use distinct labels to distinguish messages from brand partners, friends and general followers.

We want to make sure that Instagram is the best place, and the easiest place, to build fan communities and also build [creators’] personal brands. – Ashley Yuki, Instagram Product Manager

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ashley Yuki, an Instagram product manager who oversees media solutions and IGTV among other products, notes that Instagram wants to help foster creator communities on the app. The idea is to “create this space where we can now start to tailor the experience for the needs of creators,” while working on more tools to help creators on the platform.

The growth insights will provide the creators weekly and daily data around their audience growth. It works across the feed, Stories and IGTV. It also serves as an important tool for creators to understand the type of content that may have resulted in a gain or a drop in follower size. At the same time, the direct messaging tools will allow creators to filter their messages by read, unread and flagged messages. They will also be able to view their pending requests by relevance or time to ensure they are not missing out on important requests. Finally, the flexible contact and category labels will, for example, allow creators to disable followers from call or email access.  

Creator Accounts help keeping Instagram competitive

In June 2018, Instagram announced their milestone of 1 billion active users. Compound this with the fact that influencer marketing on Instagram is quickly gaining popularity, with more companies increasing their budget on influencer marketing.

As a company in the influencer marketing and analytics industry, Popular Chips hopes to provide data that allows businesses to make the right sorts of influencer marketing decisions.

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