What Influencer Marketers Need To Know About VidCon 2019

What is VidCon?

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VidCon is a multi-genre online video conference held in the USA (Anaheim Convention Centre) annually. This conference is the largest of its kind in the whole World, garnering thousands of creators, video experts, industry representatives and audience members.

This year’s VidCon will be the biggest one as it celebrates a decade since it was first started by creators Hank and John Green of the Vlogbrothers on YouTube.

Influencers to Expect:

As part of their 10th-anniversary line-up, VidCon is bringing many prolific influencers to talk about their work and tips on their success including:

1. Liza Koshy (17m on YouTube, 17.6m on IG)

@lizakoshy, provided by Popular Chips

Liza Koshy is a prominent Influencer who started out being a Viner in 2013. By 2017, she was the fastest Youtuber to reach 10 million subscribers, was one of the few who interviewed President Barrack Obama to encourage voter contribution in the 2016 election and starred in Hulu horror series ‘Freakish’. Liza has extremely high engagement rates of 8.95% (average is 3.61%), something that may be attributed to her video/YouTube background.

2. Rickey Thompson (1.1m on YouTube, 4.1m on IG)

@rickeythompson, provided by Popular Chips

Rickey Thompson is an American actor, comedian and internet personality. Like Liza, he started out on Vine and rose to prominence when he posted comedic videos on the platform. When Vine closed, Rickey moved to Instagram and since then, has garnered 4.1m followers and has a lead role on the YouTube Red series ‘Foursome’. Due to his many videography, he maintains high engagement rates of 8.96%, almost 3 times the average influencer at his calibre.

3. The Try Guys (6.1m on YouTube, 1.2m on IG)

@tryguys, provided by Popular Chips

The Try Guys, made up of Ned Fulmer, Keith Habersberger, Zach Kornfeld and Eugene Lee Yang, are probably one of the most popular groups who stemmed from Buzzfeed (and now on their own). They try just about anything and tell the audience their experience with it, including pregnancy, becoming drag queens. etc. They also boast high engagement rates of 5.58%, something characteristic of YouTubers.

4. Cristine Rotenburg (7m on Youtube, 2.2m on IG)

@simplynailogical, provided by Popular Chips

Cristine Rotenburg (@simplynailogical) is a Canadian Youtuber with 1,283,973,529 views on her main channel and a further 159,205,983 on her 2nd channel. Being a nail artist, she mostly does videos about nail art and trying out unusual products. Her love for HOLOgraphic items created the HOLO gang and she tries even makeup (as long as they’re supposedly Holographic). Cristine also commands high engagement rates, of 6.15% while her national average is 2.86% at her calibre.

5. Bretman Rock (6.1m on YouTube, 13.3m on Instagram)

@bretmanrock, provided by Popular Chips

Bretman Rock is an internet sensation who began his journey on YouTube on September 23, 2012. He first rose to prominence when he uploaded Instagram videos on makeup tips and his ‘How To Contour’ video on YouTube went viral shortly after. He now boasts high viewership of over 50%, meaning that at least 6.6 million people watch his every post in the last 3 months and attains an average of 1.4m likes per post.

With so many more influencers, I can tell that this year’s VidCon will be insane!

Brands who will be there

Brands will be showing off their 6-minute production during the Case Study Presentation. This is different from past years when VidCon hosted several spread-out sessions where brands showed their best Influencer Marketing Campaigns. This year’s 6-minute Case study segment is an hour-long program where 7 brands show their best campaigns in 6 minutes. These brands include:

1. Netflix

@netflix, provided by Popular Chips

Platform: YouTube
Client: Netflix
Speakers: Joanie Alexbaum (content architect, YouTube), Kimberly Kaplan (manager of global creative marketing, Netflix)

2. Chipotle

@chipotle, provided by Popular Chips

Platform: Day One Agency
Client: Chipotle
Speaker: Tressie Lieberman (VP of digital marketing and off-premise, Chipotle)

3. Tinder

@tinder, provided by Popular Chips

Platform: Doing Things Media
Client: Tinder
Speaker: Naomi Mukai (VP of brand partnerships, Doing Things Media)

I can’t wait to know how these social media giants meticulously plan their best campaigns as well as know some of their tips in person~!

In all, this event will be huge for Influencers and Influencer marketers alike and I can’t wait to see how the event unfolds this weekend! There certainly will be a blast of inspiration and creativity and I can only imagine what new ideas will pop up through this conference.

Will you be heading down to the VidCon this year?

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