What exactly is Engagement Rate?

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Engagement rate is a metric that measures the level of engagement a piece of content has received from the audience. In the case of Instagram, engagement rate refers to the total number of times users have interacted with the content posted by accounts by liking and commenting divided by the total following. Total engagement is usually the most comprehensive metric but it can also be further defined, focusing on likes and comments individually depending on the brand/campaign’s needs.

Why it is important?

Engagement rate is a huge thing for social media marketers.

At the initial stage of campaign brainstorming, engagement rate is one of the key criteria for brands to select an influencer for their campaign. The engagement rate of an influencer signifies its ability to create/post content that interests and create an conversation among her followers. Thus, this rate helps brands to compare and identify the most suitable influencer for their brand and campaign needs.

Popular Chips

Brands can make use of Popular Chip’s analytics platform to create comparison groups which allows them to compare different influencers based on key metrics, including engagement rate (in this case, interaction rate refers to the same thing).

For brands who have different campaign objective and would like to further define engagement rate, the platform also allows comparison based on an influencer’s average likes and comments/comment rating.

For brands themselves, it is also important for brands to maintain a high engagement rate with their followers on social media platforms to increase brand awareness and loyalty. Engagement rate is also one of the best measure of success for any social media marketing campaign.

Noise Digital

Having a high engagement rate is a cause for celebration. Not only does it mean that the content has been seen by your audience, all the hard work into creating the content has been recognized and well received.

How to boost engagement rate?



The most important but also the most challenging to achieve for an Instagram campaign would be crafting a captivating content – content that is interesting and conveys the brand/campaign’s message but not come across as too much of a “hard sell ad“.

However, more often than not, marketers neglect one key factor when crafting an Instagram post for their influencer – What style suits them best? What does her followers like to see?

Popular Chip’s platform is able to identify the best post (varying time period) of any influencer and from there, brands can grasp a better idea of the style that suits the influencers the best. Several factors come into play to affect the performance of a post, they include photography style, tone of caption, hashtags to use and even the background music of video. With a better understanding of all these, it is no longer too challenging to craft the perfect content that drives the highest engagement.


Popular Chips

When is the best time to post? While the most intuitive answers from most people would most probably be post working/dinner hours (7pm – 9pm), the general best timing may not be so for every account. Every Instagram account has a unique set of followers coming from various time zones, hence brands need to identify the best time to post for themselves and each individual influencer they engage.

Popular Chips

Popular Chips’ platform is able to present the best time to post for every Instagram account in the world by analyzing followers’ behavioral pattern on Instagram. Posting during the time when audience are most active on Instagram will most likely drive engagement rate on the content.

Monitor social media activity

During a campaign, it is important to constantly monitor the brand’s social media presence and activity. Brands can monitor through location of campaign/event as well as through the use of an official hashtag.

By using the social listening tool from Popular Chips, brands can monitor everyone talking talking about the brand through the use of hashtag and observe the performance/engagement rate of these posts. At the same time, brands can find out who are the Instagrammers that are talking about them organically and also for their competitors.

If you find great posts about your campaign that have been posted organically, a simple comment “Thank you for choosing us/ Great photo!” can build connection and a sense of relationship between the brand and your consumers.

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