What Do Influencers Want Out Of Sponsored Posts?

Is your company venturing into influencer marketing? Are you worried about how to get influencers to collaborate with you? Here are some tips to attract them!

Free merchandise

Who doesn’t love free merchandise? They serve as a big motivational incentive. This is especially so if they are required to feature the product in their sponsored posts – it would be nice if they received a complimentary product. Moreover, they will be able to try out the product for themselves to give a more authentic review to their followers. Other variations could include exclusive access to pre-product launches and offers.

Exposure and Experience

Many influencers are interested in attending and participating in events that benefit them in education or entertainment. Additionally, interacting with fellow online personalities can help them increase their online network. They could feature each other mutually and this might help widen their audience.
On top of that, these influencers will also enjoy the opportunity of participating in exclusive events that they would rarely have a chance to, some of these influencers will very willingly pick these over a paycheck.

Brand Association

Often, influencers are looking for some form of credibility as a form of social status or validation of their importance. You could consider featuring them in company media or reposting their sponsored posts. Such businesses acknowledge their services and increase the credibility of their personalities. It’s a win-win for both ends.

Exclusive content

Exclusive content has been said to be one of the most effective ways to convince an influencer.

Bloggers are always looking for unique content to share with their readers. Some examples of such valued content are tips and hacks to make life easier. Besides just sharing the facts, they are looking to motivate their audience with their passions, which could come in the form of their hobbies and interests. People love being ‘the bringer of good news’ and their first rights to publish exclusive news is a huge incentive.  

Monetary rewards

As most of us would know, money is the main key behind collaborations. Most bloggers provide certain quotations for their services. Ideally, quotations should be made based on follower count and engagement. In some cases, brands might be overcharged by influencers.

The popular chips platform reflects the engagement level of influencers. It even generates an estimate monetary value to protect brands from being overcharged.


After sealing the collaboration with your influencer of choice, the next step would be maintaining a good relationship with them for future collaborations. Well, at least that’s an easier step!

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