#VISITSCOTLAND: Redesigning Travel Marketing

Instagram-Inspired Travel Agency

With over 380k followers on Instagram and an engagement rate of 3.49%, @VisitScotland is definitely working it right on its social media marketing game. It has the biggest tourism Instagram account in Europe and is a leading example of grasping the potential of user-generated content (UGC).

Just yesterday, it has launched the The Instagram Travel Agency in Fitzrovia, London which will be up until the 21st of October. An one of a kind travel agency experience, Visit Scotland is bringing Instagram marketing and its content to live for all interested travellers in London.


@VisitScotland’s Instagram and its UGC

At first glance, VisitScotland definitely has a stunning feed filled with captivating images of sceneries and places around Scotland. In fact, it is not surprising if one actually think that the account belongs to one of those leading travel photographer. Well, it is not entirely wrong.

Top liked post in 2017: Statistics by Popular Chips
Second most liked post in 2017: Statistics by Popular Chips
Third most liked post in 2017: Statistics by Popular Chips

Together with brands like GoPro and Sperry, VisitScotland is one of the brands that realized the great potential of user generated content in building a brand’s social media community. It encourages all Instagram users to tag their travel/ local Scotland images using the hashtags #ScotSpirit, #LoveScotland and #VisitScotland for them to be featured on the account.

Hashtag listening tool from Popular Chips – Listening on #VisitScotland #LoveScotland and #Scotspirit

With that, VisitScotland is able to gather a massive 7.4k number of posts in 2017 with those hashtags and that’s how it builds an entire stunning feed that is both genuine and captivating for all audience.


Instagram Travel Agency

The Scotsman

In this digital generation, social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook has revolutionized many industries and travel is definitely one of them. While traditional travel advertising still remain, many travellers are now taking onto social media to not only share about their travel experience but also to scout and be inspired for their next travel adventure.


Realizing the trend, VisitScotland together with its over 3,000 amazing shots, developed the idea of an Instagram-inspired travel agency. The pop up space in London features a floor-to-ceiling screen of which Visit Scotland’s Instagram posts of Scotland are shown. Visitors can then use these images to select their favorite sights, restaurants, experiences and hotels to build their very own bespoke trip to Scotland.

@VisitScotland Instagram followers demographics – Statistics by Popular Chips

London was chosen as the first stop for the Instagram agency because as Charlie Smith, director of marketing at VisitScotland said “Our biggest number of Instagram followers come from London, so by extending that traditional Scottish hospitality and opening the world’s first Instagram Travel Agency in London, we hope to inspire them to come to Scotland to experience it for themselves.”

Using Popular Chips‘ analytics software, we were also able to identify the top followers’ countries for VisitScotland Instagram account. As seen above, followers are mainly from United Kingdom and United States.

Fourth most liked post in 2017: Statistics by Popular Chips

VisitScotland is transforming the way travel marketing works and bringing user-generated content to a whole new level. Now, we can’t wait to see more game changing strategies from other travel related brands around the world!

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