Updated: All Data Under ‘My Influencers’ Based on Default Period of Three Months

All advanced data that can be found under ‘My Influencers’ now reflects information of a default period of the last three months.

For an example, if you are viewing an influencer’s profile, clicking on ‘Avg Likes’ will now bring you to a page that gives you information about the average number of likes received by the influencer in their posts from the last three months by default.

The default period for such information used to be of the last two weeks. It is still possible for you to customize this period of time to any period you wish to view.

NB: The new rule does not apply to data under ‘Best Time to Post’, which uses a default period of six months as some influencers do not post enough over 3 months for the information collected to be significant.

This also does not apply to demographic information (on age, gender and country) as these are tracked on a daily basis and takes into account all follower information.

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