Unusual Animal Cafes Around The World

Edition 1: Find out more about our Top 3 picks from their IG

Pet cafes are no strangers to most of us. From cat cafes to dog cafes, they are opening up all around the world, allow people without pets to gather and have some fun interacting with the house animals. Not only does pet cafes allow people to unwind and have fun, they provide a good medium to gain better understanding of these animals through written guides or introduction from the hosts. Also, some cafes house adopted strays, giving them a new lease of life and at the same time, educate visitors on the welfare of the animals.

However, cat and dog cafes need no more introduction here. Today, we will be looking at some of the most unusual animal cafes around the world and understand them better through their social presence on Instagram.

Be prepared to go aww!


Most Beautiful IG Feed – Owl Cafe, Akiba Fukurou (Japan)

Located off the street of Akihabara district, this tiny cafe is whole world of surprise inside. Upon arrival, visitors are first introduced to the general cafe rules in Japanese – no flash photography, no sudden movement or squeezing of the birds etc. Moving on, visitors will see all the resident owls, about 20 of them perched on bars throughout the room. Every one of them is unique in their own ways, they have their own name, distinctive characteristics (some small and sweet, some big and watchful) and personality.


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Although the owl cafe is located in Japan, it has attracted fans from all around the world to follow its official Instagram account with their top following from United States (30%) and others from all around Asia.

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Childhood friend♥Squirrel & Ostrich

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Most Followers Account – Fox Cafe, Little Zoo Cafe (Thailand)

Not too long ago, the Little Zoo Cafe opened in Thailand, proving to be one of the most interesting go-to animal cafe in the region. It houses a variety of exotic wild pets that no one would have expected such as tiny fennec foxes, meerkats, owls, raccoons and more. Coupled with delicious food, beautiful setting and friendly staffs who were always eager to share more, it is no wonder that many are adding this spot to their itinerary.

There has always been some feedback and concerns with regards to the welfare of these exotic animals that may not be accustomed to such cafe settings. However, it is assuring to know that these exotic critters are kept in separate glass rooms where house rules admit only six guests at a time, and cafe guests are required to sanitize their hands and remove their shoes before entering. Also, the resident animals are given break intervals whenever needed to ensure their physical well-being. With the irregularity of their nap times, visitors may find themselves having to wait some time before these adorable critters wake up for play.

Most Artistic Account – Sheep Cafe, Thanks Nature Cafe (Korea)

Located in the heart of Seoul, Thanks Nature cafe is situated at the basement of a building where the exterior of the cafe has been transformed into a natural barn-like area for the resident sheep to roam about. Unlike its neighboring shopping district and true to its name, Thanks Nature cafe provides a calming experience for customers to spend time having a good round of dessert and to interact with the sheep.

With an artist as the cafe owner, the cafe interior exudes a different artistic vibe, with sheep-related art pieces and numerous paintings all created by the owner. The same is also seen on their official Instagram account which features mainly the drawings/art pieces and a few occasional appearing of the two cute cuddly sheep.

Here are our top 3 picks for now that we are definitely adding to our to-go list! Stay tuned to our next post where we will share more unusual animal cafes you cannot miss!


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