Unusual Animal Cafes Around The World

Edition 2: Find out more about our Top 3 picks from their IG

Following Edition 1 where we introduced our Top 3 picks – Akiba Fukurou Owl Cafe, Little Zoo Cafe and Thanks Nature Sheep Cafe, here we are sharing another 3 more unusual animal cafes that will make you want to pack your bags and leave for them right away!

Tiny body, big attitude – Hedgehog Cafe, Harry (Japan)

The charming little cafe in Tokyo is home to a number of cute, prickly hedgehogs and allows visitors to enjoy a relaxing afternoon, sipping on tea and cuddling these tiny creatures. Upon entering the cafe, strict rules have to be followed to ensure the well being of the hedgehogs. Visitors can choose their favorite hedgehog from the enclosure and request for the staff to pick them out before gently transferring to a basket.

Visitors are encouraged to gently pick them out with both strong steady hands and cuddle them nicely in their hands. As hedgehogs are small prey animals with poor eyesight, visitors have to make sure that they are confident as any sudden or nervous movements will scare them.

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Considering that millennials and the younger generation are the top users of Instagram, it is surprising that the bulk of the followers of Harry Cafe comes from those age 35 to 45 years old! This tiny creatures sure know how to capture everyone’s hearts!

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Not for the faint-hearted – Reptile Cafe, Cafe Rockstar (Japan)

At the other end of the spectrum from cute tiny hedgehogs, Japan offers an unique experience not for the faint-hearted – reptiles cafe. Located in a quiet corner of Osaka, not everyone will dare to step into this cafe filled with creatures you cannot possibly imagine. For those who squeal at the sight creepy crawlies, it is best to avoid this place.

We have no idea why it is named Cafe Rockstar but some of the residents that you can expect here are: snakes, lizards, tarantulas, centipedes…. Go if you dare and enjoy a cup of drink while caressing one of them.

Fluffy troublemakers – Alpaca Cafe, Oia (Taiwan)

Similar to the sheep cafe in Korea that we mentioned in our previous article, the Alpaca Cafe offers visitors with a warm and cozy ambiance to hang out with some of the cutest and fluffiest animal. Oia Alpaca Cafe also has a dedicated backyard that mimics the alpaca’s natural habitat, allow them to retreat from customers and reside as and when they like.

However, most of the time the furry alpacas can be seen trotting around the inside of the cafe, excited to meet the visitors (or their food). There are two resident alpacas, the adult one called Snow is usually the more active one who would walk around and chew anything he can find! (Below is a video proof!)

That’s all we have for now, a total of six (previous three here) unusual animal cafes to include in your next holiday! Let us know if you know of any other interesting animal cafes that are not listed by us 🙂


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