Unsure of where to eat? Let these Singaporean food Instagrammers tell you!

*Caution* Article may cause uncontrollable drooling, read it at your own discretion


Ever find yourself googling what to eat? Here is a list of top 3 Singapore-based food Instagrammers that you should follow if you want an answer to your question. 

@ladyironchef  (624K Followers)

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If you have never heard of @ladyironchef, you ain’t a true Singaporean foodie. Do not be fooled by the username, it is in fact started by a guy name Brad Lau. For all you know, he might be one of the most followed pioneer of food blogging in Singapore. Brad posts about his daily food and travelling adventures all around the world. I am sure his delicious food posts will give you just the right information on where to eat.

@danielfooddiary (211.3K Followers)

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What is uniquely @danielfooddiary is that his Instagram feeds are all FOOD videos that really gets your appetite going. Imagine viewing the making of the food or watching the steam and sauces pouring all over. *drools* In addition, his food adventures are all over the world, especially in South East Asia.

@sethluicious (58k Followers)

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You can identify @sethlui’s pictures rather easily as he is always holding his featured food like precious gems. Unsure of where the delicious food in the pictures are located at? You don’t have to worry about that when scrolling through @sethlui‘s Instagram account as he ensures that every picture posted is geo-tagged.

What are you waiting for? Time to makan now!

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