The Umbrella Academy on Instagram: Our Top 5 Picks

Who’s Making it Rain?

Netflix has rolled out a new series, quite unlike the last few we’ve seen. The Umbrella Academy is an adaptation of a comic book series: it is dark, funny, and hyper-real. Like most other shows on Netflix, this one reveals a number of breakout actors amongst a smattering of existing stars like Mary J. Blige and Ellen Page.

Here’s what some of our cast looks like on Instagram, starting with the most popular:

  1. The Real Mary J. Blige (@therealmaryjblige).

Blige is another one of our #melaninpoppin queens, with a total following of 3.8M. Starring on The Umbrella Academy has definitely done Blige’s account some favours. Take a look at the graphs below, which reflect her following in the last half of 2018 compared to this year.


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While her growth was increasing, the rate was fairly slow, vacillating between 0.02% to 0.04%. It is only post-Umbrella (graph below) that her growth rate increased to 2%: not spectacular, but sufficient considering she is not a new face to the public or media.

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Now, what about engagement rate? Interestingly (or perhaps not so), Blige’s engagement rate on her posts has not been doing too well.

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Her top 3 best performing posts are of her in swimsuits (posted in early January), but it seems like everything thereafter did not garner as much interest. 

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2. Second to Blige is an LGBT favourite, Ellen Page (@ellenpage), with 1.9M followers. The growth in her followers is slightly more impressive than Blige’s, considering her rate increased from an average of 0.8% in 2018 to 9% this year (highest was 23% in February, which is when the show premiered).

Here is her graph:

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Quite an impressive upward take. Unlike Blige, Page’s engagement rate has increased post-show. In fact, her average engagement this month is 7%, compared to her usual average of 3%. Her best overall post of this year is a behind-the-scenes selfie, performing at a 19% engagement rate.

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BTS selfie @umbrellaacad

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3. Coming up third is Aidan Gallagher (@adianrgallagher) with 1.8M followers for his stunning role as Number Five / The Boy — only slightly shy of Page. I retrieved Gallagher’s follower data from Dec 2017 to now, and here is the graph I generated:

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Gallagher’s increase in follower count is massive, and would you look at that incline. While he seems to always have been a fairly popular Instagram personality, The Umbrella Academy really put him out there, making his overall period growth from January to February 84%.

I checked on his most liked and best performing post, and both pertained to the release of his single titled ‘Blue Neon’.

It looks like fans appreciate Gallagher’s musical ability just as much as his pretty face and stellar acting.


4. The other actors remain in the 3-400K region. But I was most interested in Cameron Britton’s metrics (@cameronbrittonh), considering he has the least number of followers but a really high engagement rate: 57.9K and 18% respectively.

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It seems like Britton actually gets most of his followers from the show. His follower growth hit a rate of 338% at the end of January, which really is quite a colossal figure.

Needless to say, Britton’s top performing post is an edgy picture with Mary J. Blige. A man in a suit, two gun barrels, and a funny caption. What’s not to love.


5. My fifth and final pick for this series is Emmy Raver (@emmyraver) due entirely to personal bias. We all stan a beautiful brown woman.

Raver did not have a big following prior to her role on The Umbrella Academy. In fact, she went from 6K likes on a picture dated February 14th to 18.7K on a picture dated February 16th even though she was wearing the same suit in both pictures.

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Like Britton, her follower increase rate was noteworthy. She recorded a 300% increase in January and a 128% increase in February. If my predictions serve me right, she is on a positive upward trend.

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The show has been critiqued for being too similar in style to existing television, for awkward pacing, and some other standard critique. But whatever your take on the show is, it is hard to deny that the producers did a swell job of putting together a really good cast. The Umbrella Academy are no less interesting in real life than on TV, just like our stars from Sex Education. Check them out here.

Written by Deesha Menon

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