Top Singapore Influencers (Infographics)

And why they are chosen

Singapore may be small in size but we are quick in keeping up with and adapting to trends. With social media and influencer marketing on the rise globally, many brands in Singapore are incorporating them into their marketing strategies.

Brands at the fore front of digital strategy will definitely be looking at harnessing the power of influencers to generate awareness and interest in the brands. However, one of the key challenge is searching for and deciding on the perfect influencer. Here today, we will be giving you a summary of Singapore’s top influencers on Instagram by using Popular Chip’s platform.

About Popular Chips: The world’s first Influencer Search Engine & Analytics platform providing full Demographic, Performance and Fake Followers’ data for any Influencer & Celebrity in the world.

With just a few clicks and eye-balling, we managed to retrieve the following results by using the demographic search engine to only show influencers with:

  • More than 100,000 followers 
  • More than 30% of local following
  • Personal accounts (no brands or generic accounts)      
Popular Chips

Top percentage of local following

A familiar face among the locals (she’s an actress, director, host, YouTuber and Influencer herself), it is not surprising that @immichellechong has the highest % of local following among all the other influencers. Read and find out more about Michelle and her take on social media marketing here!

The percentage of local following is crucial when engaging an influencer for a campaign especially so for a local campaign as it would determine the total reach of the content created. Unknown to brands, many influencers, local and international, actually have a relatively low local following (from 15%-20%). That means that when brands engaged them for a local campaign, it is essentially wasting 90% of the marketing budget, so choose wisely!

Top engagement rate

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Que sera, sera. What will be, will be✨

A post shared by Kimberly Chia 谢静仪 (@kimberlychia) on

At a young age of 21, local artiste @kimberlychia has already starred in various local dramas and even released her debut album recently. Although she is currently on away from the local acting scene as she is pursuing an acting course, Kimberly is an up and rising actress that will not be forgotten.

Engagement rate is one of the key metric in evaluating an influencers’ performance on social media as it measures the level of engagement on the influencer (and her content) which includes likes and comments for Instagram. An influencer with high engagement rate is able to post content that sparks an interest in her followers and engage them in a conversation. Brands who are able to select an influencer with high engagement rate will be able to generate more interest and awareness on the sponsored content that he/she will be posting.

Top average likes

Having acted in over 20 local dramas, local actress @julietan_cxqmay be one of the most popular local tv stars right now, winning over hordes of admiring fans over the years. She has recently took a short break to further her studies at New Yolk Film Academy and is now back with her latest movie, Wonder Boy, with local singer/artiste Benjamin Kheng.

With her rising popularity, Julie takes the top place for having the top average likes. As an influencer herself, she has also worked with several brands like Tiger Beer, Nivea, Pandora and Samsung. Likes on a post (sponsored or not) is definitely one important indicator of success for brands engaging in social media marketing, the number of likes signify how well received the content are for the intended audience.

Top average comments

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I'm sure everyone has done it before! HAHAHA

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If there is one humor news social media account that Singaporeans have heard of, it has got to be @sgagsg. The localized version of 9GAG, SGAG provides daily entertainment to the local audience by sharing the latest news with a humorous twist or through memes. Following its resounding success, SGAG has also ventured into creating selected contents for brands, giving marketing and advertising a different approach.

As Singapore’s leading entertainment account on platforms such as Instagram, it is not surprising that SGAG receives the highest average comments. Creating engaging content that is able to generate talk among followers is one of the main goals of all social media strategy for brands worldwide. For brands who are considering a different approach to creating brand/product awareness, perhaps SGAG’s style could be an effective method to engaging and striking a conversation among followers.

Top percentage of millennial following

Fiona was once crowned as the head of the seven princesses of local tv scene but she has left the entertainment industry since 2009. Thereafter, she traveled the world extensively, documenting all the different countries she has stepped foot on in the past years on her social media account. She has recently returned to Singapore with a local film “Left Behind”. Despite leaving the local entertainment industry for a long period of time, Fiona is still popular among locals (>30% local following), especially so among the millennials.

Millennials are a huge key market that many local and international brands are looking at. They form the biggest portion of the work force and a unique group of consumers. Millennials are also one of the first to embrace the full digital space – especially so for social media and are heavily influenced by content that they are exposed to on these spaces. Hence, brands who are interested in tapping onto the largest group of consumers should definitely consider a social media strategy and selecting an influencer who has a high millennial following.

Top female following

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The 26 years old Chinese Indo local singer/actor had his breakthrough when he participated in Sing! China where he caught the attention of all four renown singers (Jay Chou, Harlem Yu etc). With that, @nathanhartono was the first Singaporean to pass the blind audition and he proceeded to clinch the second place overall during the finals. Nathan broke the record of being the best a Singaporean, or any non Chinese citizen, has every accomplished in the China competition.

With his good looks and voice, it is no wonder that many ladies are falling head over heels for this younf heartthrob. For brands looking for an influencer that is able to reach the most female audience, you know who to look for!

Influencer marketing is huge but brands should not invest blindly. Numbers are your most trusted partner before investing tens of thousand in a social media campaign, it is important to find out exactly which influencers are the best tailored for your campaign!

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