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Instagram has just announced on its platform that in the next few weeks a new feature is going to be released worldwide. This features is called Instagram Stories and the announcement post has already received 22,000 comments.


Some of the reactions to Instagram Stories

Other Instagram users are welcoming the new feature:


Positive reactions to Instagram’s new feature

Why these many comments? Is this Instagram’s new feature really alike to Snapchat Stories? Let’s see.

Snapchat Stories


Instagram Stories


Is this a strategic move to knock down the competition and not lose users?

Passing are the days when many people of the industry thought that Snapchat would not have survived for long. Today, Snapchat is the trendiest social media app thanks to daily releases of funny filters and their bohemian attitude of living in the moment. Snapchat has challenged many norms to offer something different, almost failed in doing so, and this year has finally managed to raise 1.8 billion.

Nevertheless, the fact remains that Instagram has hit 500 million users this year whilst Snapchat can only count on 150 million users.

Videos are the hot “thing” and it was not secret that Instagram had been brainstorming ways to tap on this sector. Could this be it? Isn’t it easier for people that already use Instagram and don’t have Snapchat to just use Instagram Stories? Many find stressful to keep up with several social platforms and this Instagram Stories could allow the lazy ones to experiment with the ephemeral world without having to switch to Snapchat.

Only two peas in a pod? Or another Facebook’s astute surround strategy?

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