Top 6 Reasons To Get Excited About UIR 2018

It’s D-1 to UIR 2018! Are you excited for it? Here are top 6 reasons why you should be!

1. Dessert Table (@arcadia_cakery)

Aesthetically looking bakes that your stomach and eyes will thank you for! Check Arcadia Cakery out today!

2. Petite Bouquets (

Pamper your loved ones today with these everlasting beautiful petite bouquets from!


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For Beloved Grandma 👵🏼

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Customise Graduation Bouquet 🎓

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3. Drinks (@kopifellas)

Not only are they affordable and delicious, imagine being greeted by warm lovely staffs from Kopifellas every single time you purchase your drinks! Give yourself a little treat with any of their amazing drinks that guarantees happiness in it!


Too many sponsored campaigns as an influencer? No worries, Lnk.Bio is here to save you with one URL that contains multiple links! Check them out here to find out more! There will be a little mystery gift from us to you too, exclusively at University Influencer Roundtable 2018! *winks*

5. Polaroid Corner

Do remember to capture your memories at our lovely cosy polaroid corner too!

6. Influencers (Panelists)

We are really excited to have these amazing individuals as part of our panelists for the roundtable! And let’s reveal the mystery!

Vanessa (@vaneszs.h): Beauty/Lifestyle/Fitness

Shaun (@shaunye_): Sports/Fitness

Derrick (@drrickjl): Lifestyle

Kerstin (@kerstinong): Sports/Lifestyle/Beauty

Joseph (@boonkaewnaree): Lifestyle

[ LIANG SANDWICH BAR , @liangsandwichsg 🥪 ] Liang Sandwich Bar(@liangsandwichsg) has finally launch their first outlet in SINGAPORE!! 🇸🇬 I really love their outer crust that is quite crispy & the fillings are really filling! 🤤 You are able to select the types of filling you want to go along with your sandwich! 😍 it’s a really suitable grab-and-go kind of meal if you are busy! 👍🏻 . If you would like to give it a try do visit Liang Sandwich Bar, @liangsandwichsg Vivocity(@vivocitysingapore), 1 Harbourfront Walk Singapore #B2-K22 . Thankyou Liang Sandwich Bar(@liangsandwichsg) for inviting us over to your first day opening ceremony! 😄 @drrickjl @tylomere @sherrng @glennyqh #Liangsandwich #food #event . . . . . . 📷: @ahrfang_ . 2018-07-15 #boondarerick #boonlifesg #ootd #potd #sandwich #foodie #foodporn #foodgasm #foodphotography #instafood #instagram #instagood #instadaily #instastyle #boy #cute #fashion #fashiongram #fashionista #fashionable #fashionblogger #life #lifestyle #style #sg #blogger

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Rachel (@rachelmaomao, @letteringinphosphenes): Art

Happy weekend! Something different today – I think this is the first time I’m showing my face here 🙋🏻‍♀️ Jumping on the #artvsartist bandwagon because I thought it’d be a good chance for me to share more of myself with you since I normally don’t get the chance 😁 I guess 9 squares so 9 random facts? Here goes! 🤨 . 1⃣I am an absolute night owl and 1AM is my favourite time of day… or should I say night? 2⃣My two favourite colours are viridian and black 🖤💚 3⃣When I was three years old, my goal in life was to turn all the grass pink with my magic wand. 4⃣I turn 24 this year! 5⃣I’ve visited places in 5 out of the 7 continents! 🌎 6⃣I have 6 holders in my calli pen collection at the moment. 7⃣July is my birthday month. 8⃣There are 8 steps in my night skincare routine 🧖🏻‍♀️ 9⃣Nine times out of ten I dress in only black and white 😆⚪⚫

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