Top 5 Victoria’s Secret Angels Whose Follower Number Skyrocketed After The Show

From an Influencer Marketing impact, the collaboration between Victoria’s Secrets brand and the models brings to both parties a great exposure and follower growth on Instagram, one of the top 3 most successful platforms where to run Influencer Marketing strategies. This type of advertising is called Double Influencer Marketing: both parties mutually give and receive exposure and new followers from one another. This is the case for Victoria’s Secret and Gigi Hadid or Victoria’s Secret and Kendall Jenner. This strategy is also employed among influencers: they tag each other to exchange followers and grow faster.

For relatively unknown Angels – a term used to describe Victoria’s Secret model, walking for Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show means to be propelled to stardom really quickly. In fact, it brings so much exposure that we’ve seen a significant growth in followers from the moment Victoria’s Secret announced the lineup in September all the way to the after-show.

We followed the growth of those 15 models who had less than 100k Instagram followers. From this analysis, which spanned for over 2 months, here are the top 5 models who have gained the most follower growth:

1. Myrthe Bolt

Myrthe Bolt is the Victoria’s Secret model who has had the most biggest audience growth out of the group. From having 9.5k followers in September, her account has grown to 21.7k followers. She has seen a follower growth of 128% in just over 2 months.

Myrthe’s image engagement rate is of 12% and video engagement rate of 126%. Her Victoria’s Secret announcement video was viewed more than 51,179 times.


2. Cheyenne Maya Carty

Cheyenne Maya Carty, or @chey_maya on Instagram, is a 18 year-old model from the United Kingdom. Over the last 2 months, her Instagram audience’s had a 85% growth, which is one of the highest among the 15 Victoria’s Secret models. She’s gained more than 24k new followers in total.

To announce her participation to the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, differently other models on this list, she posted a beautiful picture of herself. In the caption, she writes how grateful she is for the given opportunity. This pic is her most liked post with 11,512 likes and 552 comments. Overall, Cheyenne’s Instagram image engagement rate is of 10.8% and her video views rate is of 52.8%.


3. Sofie Grace Rovenstine

Sofie Grace Rovenstine is a US-American who has not only conquered the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show stage but also managed to get a lot of new Instagram followers. From 24.5k followers in September, her account growth to 43.5k followers as of today, Noverber 9: a 77% audience growth rate. She has almost doubled her following in less than 2 months. On top of this, she has also reached a really high image engagement rate of 14% and a superb 174% video views rate .

On September 8th, through a video post, Sofie announced to her Instagram followers that she would have been walking the 2018’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. That post’s become her most viewed Instagram video and the most liked as well. It garnered over 152,214 views.


4. Sabah Koj

Sabah Koj, a South Sudanese-Australian model, received a lot of attention from the public after she had announced to be part of 2018’s Victoria’s Secret roster. Even though she might have been a new face for many people, she was already well known in the high-end fashion industry before VS Fashion Show announcement for having walked for important brands such as Giorgio Armani.
She has seen a 49% follower growth rate. From 7.8k followers in September, she has now 11.6k followers on Instagram. Her image engagement rate is far from low, which is in fact of  9.6% and her video views rate is of 73.2%.

She announced that she would have walked for Victoria’s Secret by posting a video of her being surprised by her loved ones and her agency with the good news. The video is quite emotional, I must say. It’s gained more than 36,464 views and becoming thus her most viewed post so far.

View this post on Instagram

I would like to start of by saying Thank you GOD for making my dream come true!!! MAMA I MADE IT!!! I just got confirmed for the @victoriassecret FASHION SHOW!!! Thank you sooo much @johndavidpfeiffer Sophia @10magazine @ed_razek @monica.mitro Words can’t even describe how HAPPY I am!!!! Thank you soo much to my beautiful mother and my lovely family @nyanyork @anglena.koj @ringonumanine @adau_themodel @_nyakeer for supporting me throughout the years!! And too my amazing agents @dymonddame @paulosantosny @mariacognata @marniking @maximakingmusic @georgiabonsema @ericgubnitsky @dereksaathoff @v.perillo @elaynebohary @aletxurner @marilynagencyny @marilynagencyparis @estmodels you guys are the bestest ❤️❤️❤️!!!! Thank you to everyone that has continued to support me I really appreciate each and every one of you!! I LOVE YOU ALL DEARLY!!! #godisgood #wemadeit #victoriassecret #vsangel #blessed #vsfashionshow @victoriasport

A post shared by SABAH WITH AN A ✨ (@iamsabaah) on


5. Maia Cotton

This year was, as for many of other little VS Angels, the first time walking the famous stage for Maia Cotton, a model from New Zealand. At the beginning of September, she had 76.1k followers, and over the course of 9 weeks, she’s gained more than 28,800 new followers. Her audience growth is of 38%. She now has more than 104,900 Instagram followers, making her the first one on the under-100k-follower-model list to hit the 100,000 mark. In addition to this, she has a 5.8% image engagement rate and 62% video views rate.

She announced the great news of having being selected for the VS Show through a selfie post: ” I am so ecstatic to say that I’ll be walking this years VICTORIA’S SECRET FASHION SHOW!! I used to think about what this moment might feel like, and it is simply indescribable.”  This post’s generated more than 14,923 likes and is her most liked one so far.



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