Top 5 Instagram Accounts in Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the top 15 largest countries in the world. With the country being so densely populated, do we know what are the top 5 Instagram accounts in Indonesia?

Here, we have the top 5 Instagram accounts in Indonesia that tell us who we should follow, ranked by number of followers.*

5. Fatimah Syahrini Jaelani

In 5th place is Fatimah Syahrini Jaelani (@princessyahrini) with 72.92% of her followers from Indonesia.

She is a TV personality and artist from Indonesia, who also does advertisements, such as for Torabika coffee, as shown below.

Fatimah’s pictures on her Instagram account are very well taken and those photos portray her beauty well.

Besides that, she also models for her online store, which sells scarves, and can be found under the Instagram handle @fatimahsyahrini. Below is an example of an image of her modelling for a scarf that is being sold in the store.

Fatimah also has a YouTube channel, where she posts many interesting videos of herself with people around her. She also uploaded an amazing video of her trip to Romania, which was very well filmed, showing her daily activities as well as her fashionable outfits of the day.

4. Prilly Latuconsina

The 4th top 5 Instagram accounts in Indonesia belongs to Prilly Latuconsina (@prillylatuconsina96), who has 78.44% of her followers from Indonesia.

Prilly Latuconsina is an Indonesian actress, host, singer and also the author of a poetry book. She is famous for some of her roles in Indonesian television dramas such as Hanyu Kamu and Monyet Cantik 2.

On her Instagram page, she posts selfies, song covers, videos, and content with her friends. One interesting observation from her Instagram content is that Prilly always looks very happy in her pictures and videos, hence giving a very positive overall vibe to those who looks at her Instagram posts. Those of you needing some optimism should check out her Instagram!

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With my favorite sagitarius! 🤸🏻‍♀️🏅🎸

A post shared by Prilly Latuconsina (@prillylatuconsina96) on

Prilly also has a youtube channel, where she posts a huge variety of content, such as makeup tutorials, vlogs, song covers, any more! Below is one example of her daily makeup routine!

Be sure to check out her interesting youtube channel to find out more!

3. Chelsea Olivia Wijaya

With 89.64% of her followers from Indonesia, we have the third top 5 Instagram accounts in Indonesia by (@chelseaoliviaa).

Chelsea Olivia Wijaya is an Indonesia celebrity, as well as a wife and a mother of 1.

Chelsea posts mainly photos of her with her family, showing us the beauty of a happy marriage.

Doesn’t this picture make you want to create a family too?

Additionally, she is also a brand ambassador for some brands and she promotes these brands on her Instagram handle.

2. Lauda Cynthia Bella

The second top 5 Instagram accounts in Indonesia belongs to (@laudyacynthiabella), with 208.9 K followers.

Lauda Cynthia Bella is an Indonesian pop singer, actress, and soap opera star of mixed ethnic Sundanese, Javanese and Minangkabau descent. Even at the age of 30 currently, she still looks young at heart.

Her Instagram posts also showcases a lot of her life, such as of her children, her hanging out with friends, and also beautiful photoshoots of her. Even though she is so famous and busy with her career, that did not hinder her from making time for her family and friends, which is something we can learn from.

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Adik kakak 🧕🏻🧕🏻🧕🏻💜

A post shared by Laudya Cynthia Bella (@laudyacynthiabella) on

Additionally, she has an online bakery store on Instagram (@bebellybakery), do take a look!

1. Raisa Andriana

At 91.22% of followers from Indonesia, Raisa Andriana (@raisa6690) has the most number of followers of the top 5 Instagram accounts in Indonesia.

At 28 years old, Raisa is already an Indonesian singer, songwriter, and actress.

Raisa’s Instagram handle contains many aesthetic images of her and her life. She also work with certain brands such as Oppo.

Her latest post is a breathtaking photo of her doing scuba diving.

Apart from Instagram, Raisa also has an active youtube channel where she regularly posts her music. Below is her latest song called “Lagu Untukmu”, which she sings about her journey of growing up from a child into adulthood.


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