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Chronicles of the Influencer Marketplace Vol. 2 – Congregating Online

In today’s post, I’ll be sharing the Top 5 Influencer Marketplaces online. The list of marketplaces are ranked according to the number of influencers available on the platform and is by no means an exhaustive one (I’ve found at least 50 when doing my own research). This list, as well as all upcoming posts in this series, serves as a beginner’s guide for all of you who are interested in learning more about such marketplaces.

Without further ado, let’s begin the countdown! (It’ll be short, I promise!)

5.  TapInfluence

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This startup was founded in the year 2009 and currently has its main headquarters in California in the United States. Boasting a solid influencer count of more than 50 000, this platform adopts an “opt-in” method where influencers from all over the world are able to sign up by themselves so that you can get creative executions from all around the globe!

TapInfluence offers 3 primary services to the brands that use its marketplace

  1. Discovery of influencers (over 50 000 opt-in influencers for you to choose!)
  2. Workflow, which includes program management and monitoring of the campaign, as well as
  3. Measurement, which allows for easy calculation of ROI.

They mainly deal with categories in beauty, food, fashion and lifestyle and have worked with some of our favorite brands!

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This is definitely a website you should check out for yourself and the clean-cut, white backgrounds make browsing the site that much simpler!

4. FYI (Find Your Influence)

Coming in 4th place, we have the aptly titled platform, FYI. This platform boasts a database of more than 100 000 influencers.

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Headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, the easily navigable site exudes a classy feel and makes it simple for brands who want to use the platform with the clear cut “start your fyi demo now” button placed right smack in the middle.

With big names such as Pepperidge Farm and Tylenol included in their long list of clients, this site is a great launchpad for brands who wish to collaborate with influencers as well.

The site allows for influencers to sign up and login to reach out to the different brands that may wish to work with them.

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Check this site out for yourself and take a look at the impressive list of clients who’ve engaged influencers using this platform.

3. Grapevine

Grapevine comes in at 3rd place with numbers coming in at 150 000 influencers across different platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

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Working with brands like Coca Cola, Grapevine is a marketplace where collaborations between creators and brands result in successful campaigns.

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Grapevine’s impressive achievements are proof that influencer marketing as well as influencer marketplaces are key players in today’s marketing industry.

2. Revfluence

Rev up your engines – brand and influencer connections just got easier.

Introducing Revfluence, a platform with more than 500 000 influencers on board! Headquartered in San Francisco, California this marketplace is managed by a group of about 50 employees!

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The beautifully animated website showcases clips of influencers in the background (unfortunately, the above is a screen capture and cannot show case the full attractiveness of the site) and is an indication of the interesting collaborations that come about from the platform.

For influencers, the site provides a special “featured creators” page which showcases a few of the content creators on their site and the brands the favourite brands they have worked with.

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It seems that this platform has been given the green light by the influencers themselves for pairing them perfectly with brands that suit them.

Check Revfluence out and see what it can do for your brand and/or you (if you are an influencer)!

1. Indahash

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In first place, we have Indahash! This platform has over 600 000 influencers and is easily one of the biggest marketplaces out there! Their login page, as featured above splits easily into brand and influencer categories, which makes the process fuss-free for both influencers and brands that wish to work with each other.

Amongst other big names, some of their more prominent collaborations involve household favorites like Nestle and MacDonalds!

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Having successfully conducted over 1500 campaigns, indahash is an influencer marketplace that’s not to be messed around with!

To find out more about this marketplace yourself, visit Indahash by clicking here!

I hope you’ve found my list of 5 top marketplaces useful! If you have any other marketplace you feel should have made the list, let us know in the comments below!

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