Top 5 Influencer Marketing Strategies to Learn from Zara

Just slightly less than two months ago, Zara, the highly popular fast-fashion retailer, launched their collaboration project on Instagram titled Living Zara. The project features both micro- and macro-influencers doing weekly Instagram takeovers. Fully leveraging on the 🛍 product tags function provided by Instagram, the influencers would upload a series of photos featuring pieces and accessories from Zara as seen below 🧥👗.


In just two months, the Instagram account (@livingzara) has gained over 76k followers and numbers are likely to continue rising.

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Its engagement rate is also significantly higher than that of its main Instagram account (@zara), with 2.48% on the former and 0.27% on the latter.

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So what has this popular fashion retailer done right to gather such positive response from the Instagram community?

Let me break it down for you in this article.

Here are the Top 10 Influencer Marketing Strategies we can learn from Zara:


1) Use a Mix of Micro- And Macro-influencers

To date (that this article was written), Living Zara has engaged a total of 10 influencers spanning across 8 weeks, with 3 influencers featured in the first week of the account launch.

Of the 10 influencers, 6 were micro-influencers and 4 were macro-influencers.

Micro-Influencers (1k to 100k followers)

Julia Hobbs (21.3k followers)


Stella von Senger (45.3k followers)


Monica de La Villardière (66.2k followers)


Molly Blutstein (73.5k followers)


Tylynn Nguyen (77.9k followers)


Jen Wonders (80.8k followers)


2) Macro-Influencers (100k to 999k followers)

Ganna Bogdan (136k followers)


Yulia (156k followers)


Reese Blutstein (247k followers)


Courtney Trop (328k followers)


Why is this important? Micro- and macro-influencers each have their strengths and weaknesses.

Despite having fewer followers, micro-influencers are known to have higher engagement rates in general as compared to macro-influencers. They are also perceived by followers to be more authentic than macro-influencers. Followers are therefore more likely to be influenced by these them.

On the other hand, macro-influencers definitely have a wider reach in terms of follower numbers (presuming their followers are real and active users). They also tend to be more professional in their campaigns, most of them being no stranger to such tasks.

Therefore, having a mix of both will ensure that you have the right balance between authenticity, engagement, and reach.

2) Diversify your Portfolio with Influencers of Different Expertise

Unlike the majority of the influencers engaged for this collaboration (who are either fashion icons or experts), Stella von Senger prides herself in being a hair and makeup artist 💄 She colours her feed with a variety of content ranging from nature to fashion and of course, herself.


Using Popular Chips, I found that her top posts were mostly that of fashion despite the range of visuals, showing that her followers greatly appreciated her sense of style. This could well be the reason why Zara decided to engage her as part of this influencer takeover despite her different background and expertise.

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Furthermore, the combination of beauty and fashion is an all-time classic, because what is one without the other?

This brilliant combination definitely proved to have worked, as the total aggregate of this influencer’s posts ranked third most engaging among the 10 influencers on Living Zara.

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2 of the top 10 photos on Zara also belonged to Stella.

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Looking at the above, Stella’s ability to engage followers of both Zara and Living Zara is not to be underestimated despite her engagement rate of 2.10% on her personal account (as compared to the average of 4.15% for micro-influencers in the United States).

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3) Select Influencers with Followers of Different Countries

Another clever move by Zara was to select influencers with different follower demographics.

Yulia, more commonly known by the online community as Mademoiselle Yulia, is a Japanese DJ, Singer and Director. Owner of her own clothing line Growing Pains, Yulia is known to be a fashion icon not only in Japan but also in the United States as well 👘. This is seen from the demographic profile of her followers on Instagram, where 23% are from Japan and 14% are from the United States.

With an engagement rate of 1.13%, Yulia is able to reach out to a variety of followers from across Asia, America and Europe.

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This is especially important for Zara, and for all the other brands out there with stores around the globe. As an international brand, it is key that your label is able to reach out and relate to an international audience. Therefore, individuals such as Yulia are a must-have in your portfolio of influencers.

4) Select Influential and Engaging Individuals

Engaging influencers for your Influencer Marketing Strategy is more than just finding the influencer with the highest number of followers that fits within your marketing budget. Rather, it is about finding the influencers who are engaging and relatable as ever so often, high follower numbers fail to translate to high engagement.

Looking at the list of influencers engaged for this Living Zara collaboration project, particularly Tylynn Nguyen, Zara has definitely understood this principle.

Tylynn Nguyen, the designer for her own label of lingerie by the same name Tylynn Nguyen, is the influencer with the second highest engagement amongst the ten with a 3.51% engagement rate.

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She is also one of the hottest topics on both Zara and Living Zara. On Zara, 2 of the top 10 photos belonged to Tylynn Nguyen, while a massive 7 of 10 photos belonged to the influencer on Living Zara.

For Zara:

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For Living Zara:

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Despite being a micro-influencer with less than 100k followers, Tylynn Nguyen has truly shown her prowess as an influencer in fashion and style through this collaboration with Zara. She also proves, once again, that Influencer Marketing is more than just follower numbers.

5) Engage Fashion’s Latest Obsession – Twins

Both the fashion and social media community definitely has a thing for stylish twins. One great example is Lisa and Lena (@lisaandlena), the stunning twins from Germany, who became social media celebrities with 14.5M followers on Instagram and more than 900k subscribers on YouTube.


Zara definitely took notice of this obsession with twins, and decided to engage their own set of Instagram-popular twins – Reese and Molly Blutstein.

The Blutstein twins took the Instagram world by storm with their unique sense of fashion and later made their runway debut through Collina Strada’s Fall 2018 collection as the gorgeous ‘flower girls’ 🌻

Jonathan Hokklo

Both girls were featured in the first week of the Living Zara launch alongside Courtney Trop, a macro-influencer with 328k followers.

Despite having only 73.5k followers, Molly Blutstein, one half of the Blutstein twins, boasts the highest engagement rate of the ten influencers with 5.66%. These numbers showcase her impressive ability to create appealing and engaging content for her followers.

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Her follower numbers have also been climbing steadily over the past year, further highlighting her growing influence in the Instagram realm.

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Reese Blutstein, the other half of the Blutstein twins, has made it to 247k followers, becoming a macro-influencer.

Her feature on Living Zara stirred up a buzz among followers, becoming the second most commented photo of all time. Her followers must have been real hyped about the collaboration between Zara and the twins 🎉

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Overall, though the launch of this collaboration project has yet to show a significant impact on follower numbers for Zara’s main Instagram page, 4 posts regarding Living Zara’s Instagram takeover have made their way into Zara’s top 10 post with the highest engagement.

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This shows that followers of Zara have taken much interest in this collaborative project featuring influencers from different backgrounds and walks of life.

Living Zara also came in third in terms of the highest engagement for tagged posts and had the greatest number of likes compared to other tags.

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These statistics from Popular Chips highlights the effectiveness of this Influencer Marketing Strategy by Zara in driving engagement among its followers.

With this promising start that Living Zara has seen, we can definitely take a few tips from this success story!

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