Top 5 Influencer Marketing Strategies from Daniel Wellington

On May 15, Daniel Wellington released their Classic Rings collection.

Like all their other product launches and special gift sets, Daniel Wellington once again turned to influencer marketing and sponsorships to promote the launch of this new collection.

What influencer marketing tactics did Daniel Wellington use in their product launch this time? Let’s take a closer look.

1) Special #Hashtag to Promote the Launch: #DWcompletethelook

Daniel Wellington has traditionally used hashtags such as #DWClassicBracelet for their product launches to engage Instagram users and get people talking / posting about their brand. This product launch was no different.

They came up with the hashtag #DWcompletethelook, in line withthe idea that the Classic Rings would ‘complete the classic look’ when paired with their timepieces.

Daniel Wellington

Within half a month, the hashtag trends with the second most number of likes and comments for the month of May.

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The hashtag has also garnered more than 2.3k posts featuring the Classic Rings.

#DWCompletetheLook has also encouraged consumers from all over the world to post pictures with their Classic Rings, helping Daniel Wellington generate interest and hype for their new products.

This is a strong influencer marketing strategy that helps to encourage user-generated content on @danielwellington. It has been so successful that an average of 7 out of 10 posts on their Instagram are reposts from users using the hashtag #DanielWellington.

This brings with it the benefits of higher engagement, authenticity and a wider array of unique content. #DWCompletetheLook will therefore build on these advantages to promote the Classic Ring collection.

2) Celebrity Endorsements

Another strategy adopted by Daniel Wellington for this collection launch is the use of celebrity endorsements. This leverages on the behavioural concept of Aspirational Reference Groups, where consumers aspire to be like these celebrities and therefore show a liking for such products as well.

The two celebrities featured for the Classic Ring collection are Drew Ray Tanner and Bora Kim – the latest influencers engaged for Daniel Wellington’s Moments campaign.

Drew Ray Tanner | @drewraytanner | 1M followers

Drew Ray Tanner is an American actor known for his role as Fangs Fogarty in the popular Netflix Original series Riverdale.

On the day of the collection’s release, a photo of him wearing the Classic Ring in Rose Gold was uploaded.

This communicates to consumers that the rings are not only meant for women, but for men as well, thus allowing the brand to reach out to a wider audience.

Drew Ray Tanner has generally seen a high engagement for his posts related to Daniel Wellington, as seen from his top 10 posts with the highest engagement and his trending hashtags. Among his top 10 posts, two of the posts are endorsements for Daniel Wellington.

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His top trending hashtags are also posts related to Daniel Wellington.

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Bora Kim | @wanna._b | 327k followers

Bora Kim is a South Korean Model and Influencer.

The photo featuring Bora Kim wearing the Classic Ring garnered 33.4k likes, which is higher than the average likes of 32.4k received by @danielwellington.

Aside from the photo posted on @danielwellington, she has also posted multiple images on her own Instagram account featuring Daniel Wellington products. These posts garnered the second highest number of likes and comments amongst her tagged posts.

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From this, it is apparent that her posts appeal significantly to her audience.

3) Engage Influencers with Different Reach (Micro and Macro-Influencers)

For this collection launch, Daniel Wellington engaged both micro and macro-influencers to share discount codes with their followers (a tactic that has been used by Daniel Wellington for years).

Here are some of the micro- and macro-influencers engaged by the brand:


@nadinechristine__ (12.8k followers)

@missmolliegilbert (31k followers)


@brendadd (212k followers)

@thesonilee (326.2k followers)

These influencers typically provide a short writeup on why they love the product before encouraging their followers to get the products using exclusive discount codes. While such sponsored posts are likely to resonate better with followers of micro-influencers due to the nature of their posts, which are perceived to be more authentic, macro-influencers aid in expanding the brand’s reach.

4) Engage Influencers From Different Countries

Daniel Wellington has also engaged influencers from all around the world – Asia, America, Europe and Oceania.

Thailand: @mistmog

Singapore: @sophiewillocq

Canada: @thecassiepaige

Sweden / Monaco: @jannid

Australia: @jacintathejellybean

This gives Daniel Wellington an edge in reaching out to consumers in different parts of the world, which is particularly important for the global brand with followers from all around the world.

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5) Engage Influencers with Different Expertise

Last but not least, Daniel Wellington made sure to diversify its portfolio of influencers by selecting individuals with different expertise.

Fashion Influencer


Ceci Chen is an influencer whose feed alternates between chic and fashionable outfits and aesthetically pleasing images of interior design and architecture. Being an elegant fashion accessory brand, engaging Ceci Chen is definitely in line with Daniel Wellington’s brand image. In fact, her post about Daniel Wellington’s Classic Ring fits in so perfectly with the aesthetic of her feed!

Travel and Fashion Influencer


Germaine is a travel and fashion influencer who often takes the opportunity to showcase gorgeous outfits as part of her global adventures. However, no outfit is complete without accessories, making her a great fit for the Classic Ring collection.

Music and Mummy Influencer


Sonia Lee is an influencer who rose to fame through her YouTube covers with her twin sister Janice Lee (the duo dub themselves as Jayesslee on YouTube). Since becoming mothers, the sisters have become less active as singers, only posting covers occasionally. Instead, they have assumed full-time jobs as mothers, as evident from their individual Instagram feeds which are peppered with images of their children – Jordan, Levi and Shane.

While they are still fondly remembered by fans as the musical duo, they have gained a new following over time as mummy influencers.

Mummy Influencer


Another mummy influencer on the list is Bianca. While her account mainly focuses on her children, the rustic yet graceful vibes brought about by the filters and backdrop of the images help to convey Daniel Wellington as a brand with timeless elegance.

Influencer for Books and Interior Design


Now this, this is an unexpected find. Who would have thought to find Daniel Wellington products featured on the Instagram feed of an influencer who posts mainly about books and interior design? Well, Daniel Wellington made sure to cover all grounds for sure.

While this is not a common pairing, the brand’s products blend right in with @julietslibrary aesthetic Instagram feed.

This is certainly not the first time that Daniel Wellington is utilising these Influencer Marketing strategies, and it is no surprise given the success they are seeing in terms of engagement on their Instagram account (see above).

If you are keen to find out about other successful influencer marketing strategies / campaigns adopted by global brands, check out our other posts about Zara and Pepsi!

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