Top 5 Food Accounts in Singapore

Haven’t you heard the saying, “Food is the way to a person’s heart”? 

Food is an essential that everyone needs, everyday. At certain times of the day, we tend to have cravings but are not sure where the best place to satisfy this craving will be. Or when we feel hungry at ungodly hours, what food places are open for us to grab some food?

Here, we have the top 5 food accounts that tell us where we should go, ranked in increasing number of followers.*


In 5th place for food Instagram account in Singapore is (@sethluicious) with 54.1 K followers.

The @sethluicious account, which is run by a “team of hungry foodies”, has a wide variety of food photographs, ranging from sweet treats such as ice cream, to restaurant delicacies, to local delights such as prawn noodles. The managers of the account include brief captions to accompany these photographs to tempt readers into trying out the food items listed.

Besides an aesthetically pleasing Instagram page, also exists as a website, which was first started as a food blog by Seth Lui, who was interested in the food and beverage industry even though he had no training or background in the area. The blog has since become a full-fledged website and has evolved to feature the writing of multiple writers, in topics related to travel and nightlife in addition to food. It has 2.5 million page views each day.

This food portion of the website has filtering tabs that allow readers to filter posts by cost, type of food, as well as location. All these functions make it very convenient for readers to narrow down their search, making it easy for them to find what they want.

Filtering by Price:

Filtering by Type of Food:

Filtering by Location:

Food posts on include not only pictures of the food the writers have tried, but also talk about the the exterior and interior design of the place, which lets us have a sense of the ambience of the location.

Unsure where you should go or what food to eat? Check out the Instagram page and website! The food photographs featured are definitely enough to make your mouth water.

4. ieatishootipost

The 4th food account in Singapore belongs to Leslie Tay (@ieatishootipost), who has 90.9 K followers.

Leslie’s food photographs are mostly of local food, which caters to his large Singaporean audience. His photographs are very well-taken and they capture the beauty of local food that we at times fail to appreciate.

In addition to local food, he also shares with us the food that he gets to taste on his overseas trips. Below is a photo of the Banh Mi he got to try at Vietnam.

His Instagram posts also include brief descriptions of the food he tasted.

Leslie Tay also owns a food blog.

His food blog has a food directory, an eating, and a cooking section that caters to all the foodies out there.

Similar to Seth Lui, he has a food finder filtering tab that allows you to search for food by the type of food generally or specifically, by the location, and the time you want to eat.



















Leslie’s food blog posts each feature a brief description, giving his readers a preview of the content of the article.

His posts often also include the origins and culinary history of the food he ate or of the location itself. This information gives us greater insight to the food we see on his Instagram or blog posts.

Leslie also includes food recipes on his blog!

What are you waiting for? Checkout Leslie’s Instagram and blog now!

3. misstamchiak

With 104.3 K followers, we have the third food account in Singapore by Maureen (@misstamchiak).

There are several authors of Misstamchiak, with Maureen being the main author. Maureen started this website in 2007 to explore a wide variety of local Singapore dishes as well as to share her love of food with her readers.

Some of Misstamchiak’s Instagram posts includes a short write up on the culinary history of the food.

What is even better is that there are promotional codes included in some posts that readers can use to access discounts when they eat! After all, sharing (promo codes) is caring, right?

Maureen’s food blog, like Leslie’s, gives us insights on the origin of the food stalls and restaurant featured.

The food items featured are analysed dish by dish, showing us pictures of how the dish looks when it appears on the table, to when there is closer inspection of the food itself, creating a tantalizing image of the food.


In addition to local and international delights that are being posted about, the authors also write about popular local events such as Artbox Singapore and the Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar on Instagram and the blog, which increases relevance to readers as anyone of any age group can read the content and relate to it.

Additionally, some of their posts highlight the top foods that should be eaten at a location, giving readers her opinion on what food should be chosen, should they be spoilt for choice.

2. danielfooddiary 

The second food account in Singapore belongs to Daniel Ang (@danielfooddiary), with 208.9 K followers.

Daniel also posts photos of food that are cute and not often seen, hence attracting more eyes to his posts.


Apart from posting aesthetically pleasing food pictures on his Instagram page, Daniel also posts food videos.

Daniel’s food blog includes local and international delights.

Daniel starts off his blog posts with a short description and a video of his overall food experience at that location. For an example, when he ate at the Crystal Jade all you can eat buffet, he included a video which was filmed when he ate there, giving his audience a better idea of his food journey, as seen below.

He then dives into great detail about each dish he ate, including high quality pictures of the dish as well as the price.

His food blog also includes dining deals, which is a collaboration between and Eatigo.

He also has a telegram broadcast page specially for people who follow him and want to get food updates, be it new and upcoming food places to enjoy or supper spots.


Follow him now so you will never miss out on any of his updates, and you will not have to rack your brains to think of what to eat, especially at ungodly hours!

1. ladyironchef

At 627.9 K, with the most number of followers of all Singaporean food accounts, we have Brad Lau’s blog turned website, @ladyironchef. Like many of the other food websites mentioned above, Brad is no longer the sole author of the website, and is instead the chief editor, managing the content of the website with several other contributing authors.

His Instagram page contains photos of food (as shown below) but the main content of his posts can be found on his blog.

The reviews on are concise, and sometimes in the form of lists, telling readers about several different places they can choose from if they wish to have a particular type of food, thus allowing his

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