Top 3 Social Listening Tools

Social listening is the process of monitoring digital conversations to understand what customers are saying about a brand, their competitors and the industry online. The functionalities of social listening tools include:

  • Improving customer service
    • Being able to consolidate timely feedback allows brands to respond to their customers’ queries
  • Analysing competitors
    • Keeping an eye on activities of competitors
    • Keeping track of what potential or existing customers are saying about them
  • Tracking campaign performance
    • Monitoring a campaign by tracking the campaign hashtag
    • Looking out for potential influencers who genuinely love your brand and are talking about it on their social media platforms

It is crucial for brands to analyse such information, especially for the content creation portion of their next marketing campaign. We have identified the top 3 social listening platforms that will definitely be a good companion to have in your marketing campaigns!

  • 5 users can gain access
  • Manage up to 50 social media profiles in 1 place, all with 1 password
  • Social ROI proven with real-time analysis, unlimited custom reports & exports
  • Efficient in uploading and scheduling as many as 350 posts at once
  • Facilitates tracking of clicks & traffic sources for content with customised & shortened URLs
  • USD499 per month (Hootsuite)

  • Monitors every activity on Instagram
  • Able to filter and identify specific accounts and geo-location
  • Sort by various metrics such as audience growth and engagement growth
  • Identify influencers engaging in sponsored or organic posts
  • Provision of end-of-campaign report that analyses the content of the campaign
  • Influencer search engine (by follower’s demographics) & access to all Instagram and YouTube accounts in the world
  • USD$1,450 per month (PopularChips)

  • Monitor your brand and your competitors in one place
  • Optimize social marketing efforts across all social media platforms
  • Track campaign performance and conversations
  • USD$13,000 onwards per month (AdWeek)

Every platform is niched in their unique ways and you need to firstly identify your needs before deciding on which platform is more suited for your brand. With the rise of social media marketing, it is essential to listen and understand what people are saying about your brand. It is definitely worth investing in one of such platforms to gain insights in planning, executing and analysing your campaign!


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