Top 3 Most Popular Fast Food Chain On Instagram

Nowadays, fast food chains are not only competing to win our $1 with their dollar menu, but also our follow on Instagram. They understand that by engaging us on social media, they can influence us to keep coming back to them for a guilty pleasure meal. Here are the top 3 most followed fast food chain on Instagram:

3. Burger King

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rise & fries ☀️

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Burger King has 1.6 million followers on Instagram and 21.22% of their followers are from the United States. Compared to the other food chains in this list, they have the lowest number of inactive followers, which is only 5.54%. Their most liked post in the last 3 months is a picture of their fries with the title “rise & fries”, which in my opinion not only aesthetically pleasing but makes me crave the fries. The post managed to gather more than 34,903 likes from fans of the chain, including me.

They have collaborated with a famous boxer, Conor McGregor, which himself has 28.2 million followers. The collaboration was to launch their spicy crispy chicken sandwich. The hashtag that they are using for the collaboration is exactly the name of the menu, #spicycrispychickensandwich.


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the new spicy crispy chicken sandwich. it’s hot, juicy and packs one hell of a punch. #spicycrispychickensandwich

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2. McDonalds

McDonalds comes second on the list with more than 3.3 million followers on Instagram. Just like Burger King, the majority of their followers comes from the United States with 25.38%. Out of their millions of followers, only 6.71% of them are inactive. Surprisingly, their most liked post in the last 3 months, is not a picture of their famous Big Mac, but it is the picture of their $2 McCafe frozen drinks.


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Finishing your friend’s sunblock is cold, but the new #McCafe Cold Brew Frozen Drinks are colder. Try a small for $2.

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McDonalds has done several collaborations with influencers. One of the collaborations was in a form of a free breakfast giveaway. They partnered with misstiffanyma, brightbazaar and @uketeacher , aka the “breakfast friends”. Unfortunately, most mornings I do not have time to have breakfast so I was not interested to join their giveaway, but if you do, you should follow their Instagram and wait for their next free breakfast giveaway.

1. Starbucks

Starbucks may not be the biggest fast-food chain in the world, but it sure has the most followed Instagram account compared to any other fast food chains. McDonald’s and Burger King have a lot to catch up since Starbucks has a massive 17 million followers on Instagram. They have something in common though, the highest number of Starbucks followers comes from the United States (19.31%). Followed by followers from Indonesia with 9.07% and India with 6.79%. Starbucks’ Instagram followers are mostly active users, it has only 7.45% inactive followers.

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Say hi to your newest travel buddy: the reusable Starbucks cold cup. #IcedCaramelMacchiato Regram: @alyssa.lenore

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When it comes to the post that has the most liked in the last 3 months, turned out its a re-gram post from a travel influencer Alyssa Lenore. On the post, Starbucks introduced its newly launched reusable cold cup. Alyssa posted this picture on her account with the hashtag #reusablecup and mentioned Starbucks’ Instagram. This could be a form of collaboration. Not only from influencers, Starbucks re-gram a lot of pictures from its followers. This is a good thing because it could trigger their followers to tag or mention them on posts. The followers would feel that there might be a chance their pictures would be featured on Starbucks Instagram account and exposed to its 17 million followers.

That’s all the 3 most followed fast food chain Instagram account. If you are a foodie, you might want to check the Top 5 Food Accounts in Singapore!


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