Top 3 Most Followed Netflix Original Series Instagram Account

Netflix has a way to engage us with their shows via social media even after dropping all the episodes of a new season in one day. They have proven that their shows is not only worth watching, but also worth our follows on social media. To make sure that the popularity of the shows does not drop after the big release, Netflix is constantly posting like worthy contents on Instagram.

Let’s take a look at the top 3 most followed Instagram account of Netflix Original Series:

  1.  Stranger Things (6.3 Million Followers) 




With 6.3 million followers, the Stranger Things account is constantly entertaining its followers with funny GIFs, videos, and pictures from the show.

Their latest post, a one minute video posted on July 16, successfully made fans excited for the next season. More than 14,000 Instagram user participated in the comment section, mostly about how they cannot wait for the next season to come out as the short video left them wondering if that is the trailer for the season 3. This is exactly the reaction that Netflix is aiming for.

Ahoy! Something is coming… to Hawkins, Indiana!

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Thanks to all the likes and comments left by their devoted fans, Stranger Things has the highest engagement rate among the top 3 accounts, which is 8.68%.

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2. 13 Reasons Why (4.9 Million Followers)

There are more than 13 reasons why you should follow this show on Instagram if you ask their 4.9 Million followers. What’s interesting is that they made Instagram accounts for the lead characters on the show such as Clay Jensen (@ClayJensen0713), Bryce Walker (@brycemoney23), and Alex Standall (@Alex.Standall). On those accounts, they try to give the fans the impression as if the characters are “real person” by posting pictures and writing captions that fit with the personality of the character. The main account (@13ReasonsWhy) would constantly re-posting photos from their character’s account.

You can’t tell from this picture, but we smell like burnt popcorn.

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Based on the analysis of the 13 Reasons Why Instagram page, even though it is not as high as Stranger Thing, their engagement rate of this page is 6.60%, which is still quite a high number. Only 12.3% of the followers come from the US, while the rest of the audience is really international, demonstrating how the show earned global fame.

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3. Orange Is The New Black (3.8 Million Followers)

Last but not least, the show that has been around since 2013, Orange is The New Black. The season 6 has just dropped last month and now fans are patiently waiting for the 7th season to come out. In the meantime, fans are being teased with pictures and videos of their favorite characters from the show on their official Instagram page, @oitnb.

Don’t mess with C Block, y’all. #oitnb via @phuzap

A post shared by Orange is the New Black (@oitnb) on

Out of their 3.8 million followers, 1.2 millions of them comes from the US and since the show is dominated by female, it is not a surprise that 64% of their followers are female.

Screenshot of Popular Chips‘s proprietary platform
Screenshot of Popular Chips‘s proprietary platform











So that is the top 3 most followed Netflix original series Instagram account, which of the 3 have you followed?

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