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Turns out TikTok isn’t just popular amongst Gen Zs. An entire generation of elderly couples and individuals have taken the platform by storm, often executing the trendiest dances and challenges a lot better than their grandkids. If you thought the Savage Dance was catchy, wait till you see an 80 year old grandpa bust his moves (without busting any hips 😁). Meg Thee Stallion would be proud. 

In this article, we’re taking a look at 10 TikTok grandparents who’ve risen to fame on the app as well as some of their more popular/viral videos. 

🏆 1 – Grandad Joe | @grandadjoe1933 | 1.8M Followers

First up is Grandad Joe who is 87 years old this year (!) but still super young at heart. He’s always right up there when it comes to keeping up with challenges and he currently has more than 32M likes on his content so far. 

One interesting thing I found when I was scrolling through his feed was this video he made about appreciating his granddaughter: 


my granddaughter @brookepaintain liked everything I ordered for her too 😊 ##beforeigo ##neverleaveme ##onmyown ##surprisegift

♬ Before I Go – Mimi Webb

For context: he ordered some clothes from PrettyLittleThing and gifted them to her. In doing so, he actually managed to score a sponsorship for Brooke!

Now that’s a savvy grandpa. If you need some tips on how to get brands to notice you, Grandad Joe probably has more to share. 

2 – Dolly Broadway | @dolly_broadway | 1.3M Followers

Dolly’s main gig on TikTok is comedy sketches — right up her alley because she’s hilarious. Check out this video which got 7.8M views:


tried to pole dance but fell instead ##fyp ##freezeframe ##foryoupage ##poledancing ##grandma ##fall

♬ original sound – thornton.lauren16

We trust that she’s ok because she’s been making a whole bunch of videos after that, but honestly we love that she’s able to laugh at herself. This other video is based on one of the current trending audios (True Jackson VP) and it features both a comically alcoholic Dolly and a very bizarre picture of her in the background:


i will never stop drinking ##fyp ##foryou ##purpleflame ##alcohol ##alcoholic ##collegememories

♬ True Jackson VP theme – youalreadyknowbb

One can only imagine what a riot Dolly must have been as a teenager 😜🍹

3 – J-Dog | @its_j_dog | 1.2M Followers 

Lil Huddy wishes he had a username as sick as this one. Her bio is “I’m 88 and probably have more followers than you” and honestly, she isn’t wrong. J-Dog’s videos often feature her husband for comic relief and while he never looks too enthusiastic about being in her videos, that’s all part of the fun. J-Dog has got the whole ‘too cool for school boyfriend’ thing going on in her late 80s and we respect that. 


Looks like I will be making dinner for one from now on  ##fyp ##foryoupage ##grandma ##foryou ##viral

♬ Snake – Lil Keed

This video made me cackle. It got 5.5M views and is truly ingenious. Take a look and you’ll see what I mean. 


🗑 ##fyp ##foryou ##viral ##foryourpage ##foryoupage

♬ death bed (coffee for your head) – Powfu feat. beabadoobee

Here’s to the most savage grandma out there. 

4 – Old Man Steve | @omsteve | 1.1M Followers 

Just as some e-boys constantly wear chains and oversized t-shirts in their TikTok videos, Steve has always got a different hat on. Most of his TikTok videos are of him talking and sharing things, like this one which was so wholesome it got 12.9M views and 3.5M likes, which constitute more than 1/5th of his total no. of likes. 


I got food thanks sis ##fyp ##foyou ##fouryoupage ##oldmansteve ##food

♬ original sound – omsteve

5 – Frank | @grandadfrankk | 881.2K Followers

Just like other influencers, Frank extends his gratitude when he hits a certain number of followers. But no one has executed their thank you messages as well as this:


It means the world to me❤️ ##fyp ##grandad ##houseoftiktok ##thankyousomuch ##stayathomechallenge

♬ Laxed (Siren Beat) – Jawsh 685

This video got 4.9M views 😚

We also love a grandpa who can throw shade at his granddaughter.


Had to be said😬 sorry @kiera.dani ##fyp ##grandad ##howsmyform ##foryoupage

♬ ceo of underrated audios – jadenhasnoclout

I have to admit I was intrigued by the prospect of a tutorial. 

6 – Val & Mick | @trendygrandparents | 737.6K Followers

Val and Mick are another elderly couple who are based in England. One of their most popular videos – with 4M views – has them dancing with very determined looks on their faces:


Sorry we haven’t posted in so long we’ve been super busy 😁 ##foryoupage ##trendysquad ##foryou

♬ original sound – kashmoneyt

If you check out all their dance videos, you’ll notice that Mick really has a way with his hips. These two were probably at the club all week when they were a young couple. 

7 – Jeb and Jane | @jebandjane | 206.8K Followers 

This account is shared by another couple, but Jane features in most of the videos. Her bio tells us that she ain’t messing around. 


laugh out loud ##keepingbusy ##lifeathomequiz ##foryou

♬ Laugh Out Loud – noodleboidave

We have one word: burn. 

8 – Rita & Jack | @dancyfancygrandparents | 137.8K Followers

Rita and Jack are my favourite TikTok couple for two reasons: 1) they always look so happy and 2) they’re always matching. 

This video is a remake of another that got 2.3M views. They’re a lot better coordinated here and this granny can still split!


You guys liked my SPLIT video so much that I had to do another one😂😜 What song should we do next? ##grandparents ##tiktok ##foryoupage ##fyp ##foryou

♬ 2liveSoundsmix – 2live.d

9 – Granny | @youwishiwasyourgranny | 72.4K Followers 

This granny needs to be protected at all costs. She is super special and is using her voice and influencer on TikTok to speak out against domestic violence, of which she is a victim. 

While a lot of her videos tackle serious issues, she puts them across in a way that is easy to understand. She also has a great sense of humour. 


##watchme ##truestory ##lol

♬ original sound – hughgreen268

This one makes our heart go 😭💛

10 – Bob & Dot | | 22.3K Followers

Last but not the least are Bob and Dot who are newer to the platform than the rest of these veteran TikTok grandparents.

My name is pop pop😁 ##grandpa ##grandparents

♬ tHatS nOt mY nAme by mia silverado – msilverado

Nevertheless they seem to be really good at after effects! We love Bob & Dot’s wholesome content. 

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Written by Deesha Menon

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