Top 10 Sports Brands on Instagram

From Nike to Puma, MLB to EPL here are some of their best posts

In the what seems to be a never-ending battle between Nike and Adidas, we all have that one friend who would swear by Puma. What does a pouncing panther have that the slick swoosh or legendary trefoil not have?

A brand is so much more than a logo or name. It can serve as a point of connection for communities or even provide a sense identity and belonging. The best brands not only promote their products, they inspire a new lifestyle, offer the promise of transformation and invest a considerable amount of time and effort on connecting and building up their communities.

While it might be difficult to nail down the exact definition of a brand, Seth Godin, the best-selling author, and marketer, comes pretty close.

A brand is the set of expectations, memories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another

In that spirit let’s explore the top 10 sports brands and their best performing posts on Instagram.

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1. Nike (71.5m followers)

That is right. Nike just did it again. They are the most followed sporting brand on Instagram. This short video about Marco Materazzi, an Italian soccer legend and his passion for Jordans received a whopping 4.8 million views. The video starts off with “When there’s a story. It has to be followed.” We followed and we couldn’t agree more.


2.  NBA (22m followers)

Have a HAPPY & SAFE 4th of JULY!

A post shared by NBA (@nba) on

NBA, the basketball franchise has 30 teams ranging from the Los Angeles Lakers to the Boston Celtics. Regardless if you are a fan of basketball or not, it’s hard not smile at this whimsical 4th of July greetings.


3. Adidas (14.2m followers)

Adidas launching the world’s first fully interchangeable football cleat. It allows the user to combine differently colored uppers and chassis for an even more personal football boot experience. Talk about bringing personalization to a whole new level. Mind sending us a pair of these?


4. Jordan (12m followers)

Die-hard Jordan fans know this legend. His Airness was to be grounded for the pivotal 1997 swing game between the Chicago Bulls and the Utah Jazz. He did not let the stomach flu stop him. He pushed himself and his undeniable heroism led the Bulls to win by 2 points. Michael Jordan beating both the flu and the Jazz definitely deserves #GreatnessOvercomes.


5. Premier league (11.6m followers)

Congratulations to Newcastle United on promotion back to the Premier League ?

A post shared by Premier League (@premierleague) on

I am sure we all missed Newcastle United in the Premier League but fret not. They secured promotion with an emphatic 4-1 victory over Preston at St James’ Park. Is it me or does Rafael Benitez look relieved?


6. NFL (9.3m followers)

Welcome back, @BeastMode! (via @raiders)

A post shared by NFL (@nfl) on

That is right. There is only one beast mode and his name is Marshawn Lynch. He is set to return after a 20-month absence. I am sure I am not the only one glad that the Raiders and Seahawks finally sealed the deal. Seems like more than 400,000 fans are glad too!


7. Vans (7.6m followers)

Most of us know Vans for their “off the wall” sneakers. This collaboration between Vans and Lina Assayed, a fashion blogger is a great example of a brand that constantly engages with its community through influencer marketing.


8. Converse (5.6m followers)

Like a breath of fresh air. The #ChuckII Spacer Mesh Collection. Take your pick at

A post shared by Converse (@converse) on

Nothing says “Shoes Are Boring. Wear Sneakers” better than this post by Converse. Sharing their Chuck II Spacer Mesh Collection, this is one of the top posts for Converse. Another great example of an established brand (founded in 1908) constantly adapting to the latest trends to engage their customers.


9. Puma (4.3m followers)

Written by Kenneth Edward

Hey, everyone! I am currently serving as an Account Coordinator at Octagon, the world's top agency for sports entertainment marketing and talent management. Besides dogs and fine teas, I love all things marketing. It is my belief that good marketing not only educates, it engages and transforms. Shoot me an email if you have any questions. Thx!

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