Top 10 Singaporean Instagram Moms To Follow On Instagram

There has been a rise in a specific type of influencers in Singapore. As you might have guessed from the title, Instagram moms have joined the group along with beauty, travel, fashion and niche interest influencers and are dominating the world.

Instagram can be an empowering place that has indeed given women an additional outlet to talk about many aspects of their life including motherhood, which is a topic that has gained much recognition especially in Singapore, where the government is strongly encouraging young couples to start a family. Add on the culture of ‘kiasu’, which is basically the ‘fear of missing something out’, many look to role models and assess motherhood before diving headfirst.

So let’s check out the top 10 Instagram mothers here in Singapore:

1. @xiaxue (Wendy Cheng)

@xiaxue at a glance, provided by Popular Chips

She is probably the most popular celebrity influencer in Singapore even before her son Dashiel arrived. Being a highly prolific mom blogger who is known to stand by her opinions, people wondered how she would bring up her baby. Since his birth, Xia Xue’s posts have changed to also talk about parenthood from time to time. She is also sure to include Dashiel in posts that relate to motherhood, children and when she is promoting products related to those topics! In fact, posts that feature Dashiel receive on average higher engagement, as explained here!

2. @naomineo_ (Naomi Neo)

@naomineo at a glance, provided by Popular Chips

Naomi Neo is a new mother on this list as her firstborn son Kyzo turned 1-year-old on July 29, 2019. Being a fashion and beauty influencer with a strong YouTube fanbase of 400.3k subscribers, her fans were very excited to follow Naomi on her pregnancy journey and were even there digitally when she was in labour. As Kyzo is still very young, she uses a ton of baby products and is more than happy to share any good recommendations to her fellow young mothers.

3. @sonyadsanchez (Sonya Davison)

@sonyadsanchez at a glance, provided by Popular Chips

Sonya is a Thai-British model and television show host who lives in Singapore and has a great fanbase of 310k followers on Instagram. She welcomed adorable twins Tristan and Raiden on April 26, 2016 and has famously shed all her baby weight within 3 weeks of giving birth. She frequently uploads stories and videos about her energetic and loving boys on Instagram. Being a health-conscious mother, she gives tips on healthy eating and frequently recommends good plant-based restaurants and food items.

4. @bongqiuqiu (Qiu Ting)

@bongqiuqiu at a glance, provided by Popular Chips

Bong Qiu Qiu is known for her Click Network TV series ‘Budget Barbie‘ on YouTube as a beauty and fashion influencer who tries to get great deals on fashion pieces and beauty items. Now she is a mother to 3 beautiful children: Meredith (Aged 4), Amelia (Aged 2) and Oliver (Born on April 8 2019). As her children’s age vary from literal babies to toddlers, she frequently recommends good and affordable baby products which are a great resource considering how toddlers outgrow their clothes every other month.

5. @ohsofickle (Tammy Tay)

@ohsofickle at a glance, provided by Popular Chips

Tammy Tay is an entrepreneur who started her own (and immensely popular) fashion blog shop/blog called OhSoFickle back in the days (in 2005) before she started a family. After the birth of her son, she took over her mother’s business in Interior Design called ‘Imagine by SK66‘, which was established in 1966 and has since been busy being a mompreneur. She currently has 140.9k followers on her main account and has 24.4k followers on her family account, where she takes more pictures of her children.

6. @iamjamieyeo (Jamie Yeo)

@iamjamieyeo at a glance, provided by Popular Chips

Jamie is an actress, TV host and radio DJ for 90.5FM: The Homestretch. She has co-hosted many sports show with Fox Sports like the Castrol Football Crazy and Maxis Football Extra and even acted on one of Singapore’s famed TV networks, Channel 8. She now enjoys motherhood, with 2 kids-daughter Alysia (Aged 9) and son Luke (Aged 2)- and regularly posts lifestyle tips as a fulltime mother who also juggles her radio DJ job.

7. @etrangle (Diah Mastura)

@etrangle at a glance, provided by Popular Chips

Diah Mastura is a Singaporean blogger who blogs under Etrangle. She married husband Hidayat Wahab, who is an engineer and has 5 gorgeous kids: Sharleez Nadya (Aged 12), Mysha Nadya (Aged 10) and Myreen Nadya (Aged 10), Shakeel Adly (Aged 2) and Melisa Nadya(Born July 5 2019). Diah is a veteran at parenting and she is always there to give tips on how to educate children well. Now that 3 of her children are going into their preteen years, mommy Diah features the girls wearing edgy outfits and accessories on her Instagram page, which sees 49.4k followers.

8. @tjinlee (Tjin Lee)

@tjinlee at a glance, provided by Popular Chips

Tjin Lee is an entrepreneur and founder of Mercury Marketing and Communications, which organised Singapore Fashion Week up till 2017. As an advocate for female empowerment, she founded a social enterprise Crib and also co-founded an education movement called Life Beyond Grades. She is an inspiring influencer who is not afraid to share her hardships raising her children, Tyler, who has Dyslexia and Luke. Her posts are always meaningful and one is certainly empowered by her strength of character, a quality passed down to her sons as well.

9. @aarikalee (Aarika Lee)

@aarikalee at a glance, provided by Popular Chips

Aarika is a Marketing Director and Copywriter at Elementary & Co, an artist with the band ‘The Next Movement’ and is the wife of rapper ‘The Lion City Boy‘. She juggles her full-time job as well as being a full-time mother to 2 kids, Zola Mae and Ari Jon. She reminds her followers to always stay grateful for what you have and is definitely an inspirational career woman.

10. @jaymeeong (Jaymee Ong)

@jaymeeong at a glance, provided by Popular Chips

Last but not least is Jaymee Ong, who is a fitspo model, personal trainer and co-host of The Contender Asia and host of AXN’s eBuzz. She and her husband Matthew Health have 2 amazing kids, Juliet (Aged 9) and Harrison (Aged 4). She posts workout videos on the regular and inspires new moms out there to return to their pre-pregnant bodies. One can only hope to have half the motivation she has, juggling a healthy lifestyle, work and taking care of 2 perpetually energetic kids.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading the list of highly inspirational and tech-savvy mothers!

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