Top 10 Non-Fashion Brands on Instagram

We all know that Instagram‘s audience is mainly fashion & beauty oriented. This is quickly verified by looking at the top brands on Instagram. Nike, Victoria Secret and H&M directly compete with actors, actresses and singers for the very top spots of the ladder.

So how are other retail brands – not related to fashion or beauty – doing on Instagram?

10. EA Sports FIFA (@easportsfifa) – 4.1m followers

With a very young audience, Instagram is the perfect spot for EA Sports’ official FIFA account. They are the most-followed Video game company out there, and the 10th retail brand per number of followers.

EA Sports Fifa Instagram account

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9. Star Wars (@starwars) – 4.2m followers

Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm was a great move. After the release of The Force Awakens, you can’t really enter any shop without seeing at least one Star Wars-related gadget. It’s no surprise they made it the top 10.

Star Wars Instagram account

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8. Redbull (@redbull) – 4.5m followers

Amazing, crazy shots from professional stuntmen and daily daredevils. Want to feel the thrill on Instagram? Follow Redbull.

Redbull Instagram Account

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7. Disney (@disney) – 4.9m followers

N°1 Animation company in the world and the most-followed multinational mass media and entertainment company on Instagram.

Disney Instagram account

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6. Mercedes (@mercedesbenz) – 5m followers

First automotive brand we find, surely not the last one, Mercedes capture its audience’s interest with wonderful shots of its great cars, mixing everyday cars with F1 and Rally champions.

Mercedes Instagram account

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5. Marvel (@marvel) – 5.4m followers

How many Marvel movies and TV series have we been watching ? Not enough! And this seems a common opinion as they are also the most-followed Publishing company of comic books and related media on Instagram!

Marvel Instagram account

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4. Samsung (@samsung) – 5.8m followers

Where are all the Apple fans? Can’t believe it! Samsung is actually the top technology-related brand on Instagram. To be fair they produce everything – from PC to TV, from Smartphones to Washing Machines – but still, Apple, where are you?

Samsung Instagram account

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3. BMW (@bmw) – 6.3m followers

With 1.3m more followers than their German cousins of Mercedes, BMW is the top automotive brand on Instagram. Their secret? 3-4 posts per day of amazing cars in amazing scenarios.

Screenshot from 2016-04-11 20-10-37

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2. Starbucks (@starbucks) – 8.4m followers

They are at every corner. Everyone is walking with their cup. Would they not top the list too?

Starbucks Instagram account

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1. Gopro (@gopro) – 8.6m followers

Instagram has changed a lot lately, but you can not say it’s not still all about beautiful, breathtaking shots. And who better than GoPro official account to post daily shots of improbable scenarios, extreme situations and sports?

We love you GoPro!

Gopro Instagram account

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