Top 10 Nano & Micro PoC Influencers in Singapore

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In this article we want to spotlight some of the Nano & Micro PoC influencers in Singapore who are sometimes eclipsed by the media because they do not belong to the majority. Each of these influencers is special in their own way, and we’re certain that if you haven’t heard of them yet you’ll definitely find someone to follow. 

1 – Munah Bagharib | @munahbagharib | 80.5K Followers 

Second in the dynamic MunahHirzi duo is Munah, who has moved on from her YouTube career to speak up about other important issues on Instagram. This COVID period, she has both shared and led initiatives relating to migrant workers, frontline healthcare workers, freelance artists and more. 

Most notable is the MH Raya Relief Fund that she and Hirzi have embarked on. They partnered with TWC2 to organise an Eid Dinner Drive and a surprise community project so as to bring the spirit of Eid back to migrant workers in Singapore. They have raised over $10,000 so far. 

Follow her if you haven’t!

2 – Danil Palma | @whathebronte | 72.4K Followers 

Danil is a fashion influencer and the first thing that struck me about his feed was how well-balanced the aesthetic is. He has had numerous successful collaborations with big brands, and here are some:

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Apart from just fashion he has also been hired as ambassadors for Huawei and CitiBank. Here is his Top Performing post this year:

Give him a follow if you are interested in menswear and grooming. 

3 – Sharmila Logan | @sharmila.logan | 64.9K Followers 

Sharmila is a beauty influencer and professional makeup artist who owns her own line of cosmetics and skincare products! On her Instagram feed, she often posts videos about homemade skincare remedies and masks that people can make on their own. In addition to that she discusses women’s health and cooking recipes. We love an all-rounded queen. 

Here is one of her Top Performing posts this year:

4 – Hasna B | @withhasnab | 53.1K Followers 

Hasna is a mummy influencer who is also very active on YouTube — her channel has more than 120K subscribers. 

She’s got a beautiful family that features often on her feed where she talks a lot about cooking, organising your home, being a mother, as well as travelling with young children. While her niche is not fashion, she has been sponsored by brands like Love Bonito and Mango. 

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We love this!

5 – Preeti Nair | @preetipls | 32.2K Influencers 

Preeti Pls is Singapore’s Top [insert everything here]. She’s funny, relevant, and never fails to make social commentary digestible for the average person. Like Munah and Hirzi, Preeti has been dedicating a lot of her time to helping underprivileged and/or minority communities in Singapore. In light of the recent COVID situation, Preeti campaigned to raise $100,000 for HeatlhServe and TWC2 — organisations who directly address the immediate needs of migrant workers here. 

Here is the publicity video, which is also one of her Top Performing posts this quarter. 

There’s lots that Preeti has to say, and she says it better than most. 

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Here is one local influencer you have to follow. 

6 – Suhaila | @nurulsuhaila | 31.7K Followers 

Next up is Suhaila, who is both a beauty influencer and a world silat champion. Her feed is an equal balance of her work as an #elcbeautyinsider as well as an athlete, which I think is really impressive. 

Naturally, a lot of her collaborations are sports-related, and she is also an official Adidas athlete. 

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It’s also cool to note that her average Engagement Rate is 11.53% — both 3 times more than the industry average for nano influencers and the highest on this list. 

7 – Pooja Kawatra | @poojakawatra | 31.7K Followers

Pooja wears many hats. She is a mom, lifestyle, beauty, and travel influencer, as well as a cancer survivor. Her children occupy most of her feed, so it’s safe to say her identity as a mom dictates most of her online persona. 

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Pooja has also spoken up about how the pandemic has affected some communities more than others, and her Top Performing Post this year is a call to action for Community Chest. 

Another wonderful role model 😍

8 – Sonia Asyira | @soniaasyira | 28.7K Followers

Like Suhaila, Sonia is also a part of the ELC insider family. In addition to that she runs a non-profit charity organisation called Fatimar, which recently ran a Ramadan project. Here is her Top Performing post this quarter, which also happens to be a trending TikTok challenge: 

Some of her Top Collaborations this year include Shoppe and Zalia (which is Zalora’s ‘modest’ collection).

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9 – Fauzi | @mynameisfauzi | 26.8K Followers

Fauzi calls himself @thesmartlocalsg‘s GOLDEN BOY, and if you’ve ever watched their content, you’ll figure that he’s probably right. Being one of the more influential figures (especially amongst Gen Zs), Fauzi makes sure to use his voice to spread important messages. For example:

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Fauzi has also fronted numerous brand ambassadorships from CitiBank, New Balance and KFC, to Kindness SG, SingPost, and FoodPanda.

10 – Anita Kapoor | @anitakapoor | 16K Followers 

Anita Kapoor is also one of the OG public figures in Singapore, and found her start as a host / TV presenter on Discovery travel. Today she is a presenter, speaker, and facilitator currently working on a digital project called Beyond Chaos with Anita Kapoor. 

Anita was also a Pink Dot Ambassador in 2016 and one of the pioneers in the LGBT allyship movement in Singapore. She is truly a force to be reckoned with. 

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Written by Deesha Menon

Influencer Marketing at Popular Chips. Interested in social issues, narratives, books, social media, and machine learning.

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