Top 10 Most-Liked Instagram Photos Ever

The list of top 10 most-liked photos on Instagram has already utterly changed.
Kendall Jenner’s heart-shaped hair image, which was the 2015’s most-liked photo, still tops the most-liked list and has gained more than 3.5 million likes.

So, what has changed? Taylor Swift, who occupied the second, third, sixth, eighth and ninth spots on the 2015’s most-liked list, now only appears in tenth place.

In only three months, Selena Gomez has managed to seize the third, fourth, fifth, eight and ninth places, earning thus five of the ten spots.

For curiosity’s sake, which is the second most-liked images on Instagram? Let’s look at this infographic I have made for you using the data provided by Popular Chips Insights’ platform.

Most of the top photos belong to Selena Gomez.
Most of the top photos belong to Selena Gomez.

Blimey! Yes, the chart is filled with Selena Gomez‘s posts or pictures of her. Selena is not only the most-followed person on Instagram but she has now 5 of the most-liked snaps and 8 of out 10 images still feature her.
Justin Bieber, who didn’t make it in the precedent list, appears in the second and sixth places with two nostalgic snaps with his former girlfriend Selena. The other image portraying Selena belongs to Taylor Swift, featuring her and Selena at the 2016 Grammy Award.

If Taylor Swift was the star of the show in the 2015’s most-liked list, Selena sure is the Queen of 2016’s show.

At number 7 is a snap of Kim Kardashian‘s little baby Saint West, sleeping like a top.
Kim Kardashian did not manage to land on the previous 2015’s most-liked list but it was sure as death and taxes that she would eventually manage to come back and seize a spot for herself.

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Kendall Jenner’s heart-shaped hair snap is still the world most-liked Instagram photo.

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Following closely behind Kendall Jenner is Justin Bieber featuring a romantic kiss with ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. This nostalgic image was posted on Justin Bieber’s Instagram account on March 20, 2016 and has swiftly earned more than 3.4 million likes. He captioned the image “Feels.”

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throwback -swag

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Selena shared this throwback image of her hugging Barney on February 7,  2016. The photo landed on the third place of the list after accumulating 3,3 million likes. She captioned the photo with “throwback -swag.”

Beyonce and Kylie Jenner, who had each a spot on the precedent list, failed, this time, to get any of their images in the top ten

I have made another infographic for the Top 10 Most-Commented Instagram Posts ever, including images and videos. Can you guess who the most-commented person on Instagram is?



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