Top 10 Most Followed Universities on Instagram 2017 – in pictures

Today, universities use Instagram to connect with current students, alumni and share their outstanding works and researches through strong visual images with the rest of the world.

Popular Chips researched more than 1000 universities’ Instagram accounts and below are the Top 10 Most Followed Universities in 2017:

Top 10 most followed universities on Instagram 2017

As you can see, United States and United Kingdom are the two most represented countries among the Top 10 list.

The institutions in the upper echelon are: Harvard University at the very top of the ranking with 367k followers, far ahead of Stanford University with 200k followers and University of Cambridge in third with 164k followers.


Following closely behind is University of Oxford with 159k followers and rounding out the top five with 144k followers is Texas A&M University.

The second Ivy League school featured in the top 10 most-followed list is Yale with 130k followers.

Columbia University, part of the Ivy League schools, misses out a spot on the Top 10 most-popular universities on Instagram by just 1 thousand followers.


Are the Top 10 most followed universities also ranking high on the Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings?

Four of the top most-followed universities on Instagram also rank in the Top 10 of the World’s best universities. Although Harvard University is the most-followed university on Instagram, it occupies the sixth place in the Times Higher Education’s leader board of 2016-2017.

Stanford University sits in third place while Yale, the only other Ivy League university aside from Harvard, is in twelve place.

The only two non-American universities among the Top 10 most-followed universities on Instagram also dominate the THE’s World University Rankings with University of Oxford ranking in first place and University of Cambridge coming in fourth.

University of Michigan, sixth most-followed university on Instagram, occupies the twenty-first place in the THE’s World University Rankings.

All the other institutions appearing in the Top 10 most-popular universities on Instagram aren’t among the Top 50 schools in the THE’s list, as you can see below:

The Ohio State University – 72nd

Texas A&M University – 169th

University of Florida – 134th

Clemson University – 601- 800th

The universities excelling in the THE’s list also have some of the most-followed accounts on Instagram. These universities use Instagram to power their messages of being always curious minds with 1 post at the time.


Data was analyzed on January 29, 2017, using Popular Chips’s proprietary tool to round up the world universities’ most-followed Instagram accounts.

Stay tuned for more lists. If you have any suggestion, let me know.

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