Top 10 Most-Commented Instagram Posts Ever

Are comments as equally important as likes on Instagram?

Yes, they are. In fact, to be a full social celebrity on Instagram, you need to make people want to discuss about you.

The secret of having a talkative audience is to occasionally post something about you framed in an honest, vulnerable or i-don’t-care moment. For at the end of the day, we all are well aware that Instagram pictures are often an exaggeration of one’s life and it’s hard to relate to staged life.

Therefore, seeing simple or vulnerable moments makes people feel able to connect with you. Not everybody has an opinion on yachts, but everybody can relate to nostalgia, weakness or relationships.

I made this infographic on the most-commented Instagram posts for you. How did I get all the data? Well, I used the Popular Chips Insights platform.

Top 10 Most-Commented Instagram Posts Ever

Yes, Justin Bieber tops the list with a nostalgic snap of his kiss with Selena Gomez. Only posted on March 20, this picture has already received 900 thousand comments.
Instagram audience does have something to say about his former relationship with Selena. But why did the picture receive almost 1 million comments? Well, it gathers all the ingredients to make Instagram audience go nuts. It portrays a romantic and troubled story between two of the most-followed people on social media; it reminds you that they are no longer together and it’s the guy’s acknowledgement of what he had once was a beautiful love.
This picture inspires longing, nostalgia and most of all creates divisions. Most of the comments are of who thinks they should get back together and who doesn’t.

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Justin Bieber not only tops the most-commented list but in addition also earns four of the top ten spots with two nostalgic pictures portraying Selena Gomez, one with him dancing with Hailey Baldwin and the last one is a tribute to an unknown girl’s beauty he has stumbled upon on Instagram.

Following closely behind is Kylie Jenner with 5 of the top ten spots. She did not manage to get in the most-liked Instagram photos ever list but it sure is she knows how to get people frantic about her.

Stay tuned for more infographics.

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