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Feminism is more than just women’s rights — it is an issue that pertains to race, class, sex, sexuality, capitalism, and so much more. The term ‘intersectionality’ was actually coined by Kimberlé Crenshaw in 1989, black professor who at the time taught at Columbia Law School. Put simply, it describes how race, class, gender, and other individual characteristics “intersect” with one another and overlap, and that we cannot look at these aspects individually but rather in relation to one another. The term has since gone viral, and has been used in both formal and informal instances. 

In this article, we take a look at 10 intersectional feminists on Instagram, as well as their Top Performing content. 

1 – Rachel Cargle | 1.9M Followers 

Rachel’s Top Performing Post on Instagram is this new series where she breaks down certain racist/sexist comments to explain the logical fallacies behind them step-by-step. As an educator, a lot of intellectual labour goes into her work and a lot of the time she does this for free (on Instagram). 

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Good Morning 🌞 Just a quick Saturday School lesson for you, loves. I hope it offers some critical language and a more critical lens as you engage in these conversations in your own spaces. • 1. Yes/But also known as “whataboutism” , is a variant of the “tu quoque” logical fallacy that attempts to discredit an opponent’s position by charging them with hypocrisy without directly refuting or disproving their argument. (source: Zimmer, Ben. WSJ, 2017 ) . 2. White people, when referring to themselves, often put the word “white” in quotation marks. Over text it’s understood that these translate to air quotes. In the English language we take air quotes to denote sarcasm or irony. This is a form of delusion in which white people believe that they are a default and have no labeling while everything else indeed does — as it becomes convenient for them. . 3. She then, as expected, didn’t seem to find the need to put quotes around black people. . 4. The deep desire for white Americans to tokenize successful black people as a means to bury the realties of systemic racism and push ideologies of merit based achievement have been one of tools of this country since its inception. From the “happy slave” to “but look at Oprah and Obama” these efforts push to reinforce the “American Dream” to black Americans despite the structural economic and political barriers that exist in our racist society.Tokenism glorifies the exception in order to obscure the rules of the game of success in a capitalist society.” (Source: Dana L Cloud; “Rhetoric of Tokenism”) . 5. When the discussion of racial justice and/or critique of our racist system is punctured by bringing up the cases of Oprah or Obama note that its rarely ever followed by dynamic discussion about reproducing those success in this “new and shiny system we have”. It’s however a plea to “SHUT UP AND BE GRATEFUL SOMEONE LIKE YOU FINALLY GOT SOMEWHERE” • If you enjoy learning from me consider joining me and the thousands of other curious humans over at my donation based monthly learning platform @thegreatunlearn. Link in my bio. • The work continues 🌿🙏🏾 tag the people you’re learning with who might find this post helpful

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This post got a 17.0% Engagement Rate, which is more than 6 times the industry average for macro influencers. 

2 – FLOSS | 471K Followers

Florence Given, or FLOSS, is a UK-based artist who recently wrote a book called “Women Don’t Owe You Pretty”. Her Top Performing Post this year coincidentally sums up her position on intersectionality quite well:

Part of the caption reads: “If you consider yourself a feminist and aren’t thinking about race daily, THERE’S WORK TO DO.” This post got a 59.3% Engagement Rate, which is 20 times higher than the industry average

3 – Jessamyn | 440K Followers 

Jessamyn’s work focuses on the individual, and she is also an advocate with @wegohighnc — a community that believes people should not be in jail for weed. Her Top Performing Post this year is a meme: 

It dispels the belief that “being fat” is something to be ashamed of, or a roadblock to physical activity. Her Engagement Rate on this video was 7.3%. 

4 – Ericka Hart | 422K Followers

Ericka Hart’s audience has grown massively during this last 3 months likely because of the resources and opinions she has put out in relation to the #BLM movement.  

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As a sex educator, racial/social/gender justice disruptor, and writer, her voice has been one of the most important ones to grace our screens this year. Her Top Performing Post this year calls out the intersectionality (often ignored) between blackness and trans-ness:

This post got a 25.6% Engagement Rate. 

5 – Ev’Yan Whitney | 93.8K Followers

Ev’Yan Whitney is also a sex educator and the host of a podcast called The Sexually Liberated Woman. She deals with the intersection between feminism and sex. 

We talked about her at length in our previous article on 7 Brands & Influencers who Practise Body & Hair Love on Instagram, so check her out there!

6 – Molly-Margaret | 93.3K Followers

Despite being a nano influencer, MM (as she is known amongst her followers), is one of Instagram’s favorites. She’s honest, funny, smart, and tries to democratise knowledge as much as possible. 

Her Top Performing Post this year is a snapshot with a girlfriend — it’s unsurprising that so many people liked this considering how honest and open she’s been with navigating her first queer relationship.

This got a 6.7% Engagement Rate which is double her average. We have also talked about MM in a previous article: Top 10 Nano & Micro LGBTQIA+ Influencers on Instagram. Check that out if you’re interested in her work and other lovely queer influencers. 

7 – Luna Dietrich | 53.3K Followers

Luna is a pleasure educator, abolitionist, and practises trauma-informed somatics. 

Her Top Performing Post this year is an honest reflection on sex, and she also offers journal prompts to her followers so they can work through their own feelings and experiences alongside her. This post made a 10.6% Engagement Rate, which is 5 times higher than her personal average. 

8 – Sean Saifa Wall | 5.3K Followers

Sean is an intersex activist, and his Top Performing Post this year is about abortion and ending intersex surgery:

His other creative arms include @intersexjusticeproject, which a POC project that aims to end unnecessary medical intervention on intersex kids, @unbornson, as well as @returning.thegaze, an art project that confronts medical establishments exploitation of black intersex bodies. 

9 – Tracie Q. Gilbert | 4.8K Followers 

Dr Gilbert leverages on conversation — arguably one of the most powerful community tools — to help black people achieve sexual wellness and healing. She collaborates quite regularly with Ericka Hart,

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and frequently explores the work by other black sex educators, or content related to healing. 

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10 – Robin Wilson-Beattie | 1.5K Followers 

Robin identifies as an “empowered Southern Mama” who, amongst other things, is a disability & sexuality advocate, writer, and educator.

She speaks a lot from experience, which is just as valuable as an objective educational standpoint and often helps to ignite empathy in people. This post got a 12% Engagement Rate, which is 3 times higher than the industry average

Black Lives Matter. There are many, many ways to pledge your support to the movement as a whole as well as undo institutional and structural racism in our societies. Now is not the time to remain silent. 

If you’re interested in doing more than supporting black-owned businesses and amplifying the voices and work of black creators, visit this link curated by Indya Moore: which contains educational resources, bail funds, organisations to donate to, and ways to rebuild black businesses. 

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Written by Deesha Menon

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