Top 10 Instagram accounts in Japan

The beauty of the web is that there are no borders. And the beauty of Instagram is that connects us through the visual. So, what can you do with “no-border visual”?

One of the thing I do when I travel is to look through Instagram map and see what people have posted around the area. I try to discard tourists’ photos and only concentrate on what the locals have posted. I like to see what they prefer to eat, discover those places unknown to travel guides and “pick up” the local vibe.

You can go through Instagram map even from home. Pick up any country and scroll through those pictures. Add people and accounts that pique your curiosity and interest to diversify your following. For if you don’t follow accounts from Iceland, Bali or Philippines, you are missing out a lot.

Today, I want to share with you the most-followed accounts in the Land of the Rising Sun. You can start following one of these accounts and then try to be more adventurous and discover on your own others less popular but surely more original.

1 – Naomi Watanabe – Comedian – 3,579,512 Followers

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あのイケメンとまさかの逢えたよw He was such a nice guy. Everyone was looking at me like "how much is this fatty Asian paying him to walk with her?" Like a filthy rich Asian sugar mama.😂 Max suggested we hold hands to take a photo and I didn't know what to do I acted like a middle school kid. I'm never going to be able to get married. #嬉しすぎて照れ顔 #互いに色んなビジネスの話した #真面目で素直でしっかりしてて #とにかく可愛い弟だった #それなのに私は不純な気持ちで近寄った #申し訳ない #すげーいい奴だった #周りの目が #このデブアジア人どれくらいの大金をだして #彼を連れ歩いてんだろ #って顔してた #アジアの大富豪ババア #MAXが手をつないで撮ろうよと言われ #まじどうしていいかわからなくてこれ #照れ隠しとかきも #左手どうしていいかわからず添えてる感じとか #叶わない恋なのに照れすぎ #一生結婚できないわ #しかもワンピース攻めすぎ

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2 – Kiko Mizuhara – Model – 3,433,329 Followers

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3 – Yukina Kinoshita – TV Celebrity – 2,975,999 Followers

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続き4 #フジモン家 #ohana

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4 – Rola – Model – 2,822,317 Followers


5 – Anne Nakamura – Model – 1,443,606 Followers


6 – Masami Nagasawa – Actress – 1,357,773 Followers

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7 – Haruna Kojima – Tv Celebrity – 1,356,960 Followers


8 – Jun Hasegawa – Model – 1,350,042 Followers


9 – Fumino Kimura – Actress – 1,326,215 Followers


10 – Hiroomi Tosaka – Singer – 1,283,481 Followers


So these were the most-followed accounts in Japan. As you could see, gals also dominate this list.


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