Top 10 Fastest Growing Instagram Accounts in 2017

The first month of 2018 is almost over. Influencers and brands, have your accounts been growing in the new year? Let’s take a look at the top 10 fastest growing Instagram accounts* in the year 2017 and gain some inspiration from them.

10th: @sebastianyatra

Growth: 524.88%

Taking 10th place is Colombian singer-songwriter Sebastián Yatra, who was nominated for Best New Artist and Best Contemporary Pop Vocal Album in the 2017 Latin Grammy Awards. Yatra currently has 3 million followers on Instagram. As he sings in Spanish, it comes as no surprise that the top three countries from which his followers hail are Colombia (18.52%), Argentina (9.63%) and Mexico (9.08%).

Yatra’s most-liked post from last year was uploaded towards its end. The photograph features Yatra himself with his new French bulldog puppy, Aureliano.

Mi nuevo hijo, Aureliano ?

A post shared by Sebastian Yatra (@sebastianyatra) on

9th: @therealcalebmclaughlin

Growth: 533.51%

We are certainly no stranger to Caleb McLaughlin, child actor best known for his role as Lucas Sinclair in the Netflix original drama Stranger Things. McLaughlin’s account was experiencing small but steady growth until the hype up period to the release of Stranger Things Season 2 in October last year, after which said growth increased exponentially. His Instagram account currently boasts 4.6 million followers and it doesn’t seem like the account’s growth will taper off anytime soon; it’s already seen an increase in 560 000 followers since the start of 2018!

McLaughlin’s most-liked post of 2017 was an old photograph of himself taken with Stranger Things co-star Finn Wolfhard, wishing his co-star a happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Finn!?? @finnwolfhardofficial #enjoyyourday

A post shared by Caleb McLaughlin (@therealcalebmclaughlin) on

8th: @viavallen

Growth: 539.80%

Coming in 8th is Indonesian singer Via Vallen, who has won a number of regional awards for her singing, including several in a type of Indonesian folk and traditional popular music known as dangdut. The singer currently has 4.8 million followers on her Instagram account.

Her most-liked Instagram post of 2017 was a selfie taken at Indonesian television station, Indosiar, on the day of her D’Academy Asia 3 performance.

Watch her performance of her hit single “Sayang” below.

7th: @miakhalifa

Growth: 559.73%

Some of you may have heard of (or seen) Mia Khalifa in contexts very different from those of this article. If so, you may be wondering if this is indeed the same person as the one you have in your mind. Khalifa, a Lebanese-born American, is best known for her role as an adult entertainment actress. She now hosts a sports show for Complex News on its YouTube channel daily.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Khalifa’s most-liked photo in 2017 features a somewhat revealing shot of herself as part of a series of posters taken exclusively for her patrons on Patreon. Although Khalifa’s public account has over 5 million followers, only the 295 of them who are part of her “Patreon Family” have access to her private account.

6th: @elonmusk

Growth: 576.61%

Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Inc. among other companies now has yet another achievement to add to his name: he has made it onto the list of fastest growing Instagram accounts in 2017. Although Instagram is generally used by more females than males, Musk’s account has a larger percentage of males (42%) than females (34%), with the rest of his followers being generic accounts (e.g. verticals, meme accounts, animal-related accounts and more).

Musk’s most-liked post of 2017 is a back-lit photograph of him standing in front of Atatürk Anıtkabir Museum in Turkey at dusk. Unlike the most-liked posts we have seen so far, Musk’s photograph was not posted in December. Since these are the fastest growing accounts of 2017, we would expect that posts occurring later in the year do better as these are the posts that would appear on more followers’ feeds and yet, interestingly enough, that was not the case for Musk.

Atatürk Anıtkabir

A post shared by Elon Musk (@elonmusk) on

5th: @marcoasensio10

Growth: 590.09%

Spanish professional football player Marco Asensio, who also plays for Real Madrid, has made it into the top 5. Although Asensio is Spanish, the largest number of followers he has are from Brazil (9.21%). This is followed by Spain (8.67%) and Italy

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