Top 10 Chinese Influencers On Weibo (Part I)

Part 1 of 2

Previously, we have covered the story about Chinese influencer, Mr. Bags, who can magically make hundreds of luxury handbags sold out in minutes. He is an active user of Weibo, which is the most popular social media in China. While Mr. Bags has “only” 4 million followers on Weibo, these influencers I am about to mention has hundreds of millions of followers.

  1. 谢娜 (Xie Na)
Screenshot taken from Popularchips Platform

Xie Na, a Chinese singer, host, and actress, has the most followers on Weibo with more than 117 million followers. She was the first person who reached 100 million followers on Weibo back in April. For that achievement, she received a Guiness World Record title. Not only getting the title “The First Person To Accumulate 100 Million Followers On Weibo”, she was also given the title “The Most Followers On Weibo As of April 2019”. 

Happy Camp is a popular variety TV shows where Xie Na is the co-host. Since the show is one of the most popular tv show in China, this could be the reason why Xie Na has such a huge following on Weibo.

Her top post from the last 3 month is a mirror picture of herself wearing a sports bra and a legging. It was posted on September 11th and generate more than 807,876 likes on Weibo.


Screenshot From Xia Na Weibo Account


2.  何炅 (He Jiong)

Screenshot taken from Popularchips Platform

The second on the list is Xia Na’s co-host in Happy Cam, He Jiong. He has been the host of the show for over 10 years. He is known to have a funny and charming personality. No wonder on Weibo, he has more than 105 million followers.

Just like his co-host on Happy Camp, Xia Na, He Jiong also has received a Guinness World Record title. He gets the title “Most Followers on Weibo (Male)” as of April 2018. The variety show, Happy Camp, also gets a Guinness World Record for “Most Followers on Weibo for A Variety Show” and “Most Viewed Episode of A Variety Series Filmed With A Live Studio Audience”.

He Jiong most liked post from the past 3 months is a picture of his hand doing the sign language for “I love you” and he put 3 love emojis on the caption. This post generates more than 790,000 likes.

Screenshot from He Jiong Weibo account

3. 杨幂 (Yang Mi)

screenshot taken from Popular Chips platform

The third on the list is a Chinese actress and singer, Yang Mi. She has 98.5 million followers which mean she is very so close to the 100 million marks.

There is a reason why people in China want to follow Yang Mi on Weibo. She told WWD, “Everyone likes to see street-style looks these days and I guess people like my style.”

She is also a global ambassador for the fashion brand, Michael Kors. Recently she posted a collaboration post with the brand. On the post, she used the hashtag #AllAccessKors#杨幂纽约时装周 .

The most liked picture of Yang Mi from the last 3 months is actually a selfie of her in a pink sweater. This post generates more than 639,000 likes on Weibo.

Screenshot from Yang Mi Weibo Account

4. 杨颖 (AngelaBaby)

Next on the list is an actress, singer, and model named Angela Yeung Wing. On Weibo, she is better known as Angela Baby.

Angela is pretty successful in her career as an actress. In 2013, Southern Metropolis Daily released a new Four Dan Actresses and Angela is one of the actresses on the list. If you do not know what Four Dan actresses mean, it is a term that is used to refer to the most bankable actresses in Mainland China. To add to her achievement, she won a Hundred Flowers Award for best-supporting actress in 2016.

Angela baby is one of Dior brand ambassador. She was featured recently on a Dior campaign for the Dioramour series, which launched on August 15th.

The most liked picture of her for the last 3 months is a selfie of herself posted on August 17th, which gained more than 457,000 likes. On the caption, she wrote “Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day”.

Screenshot is taken from AngelaBaby Weibo Account

5. 陈坤 (Chen Kun)

Screenshot from Popular Chips Platform

The fifth on the list is Chen Kun, a Chinese actor. He is starred on the newly released Netflix show, The Rise of Phoenixes. On the show, his character’s name is one of the leading characters named Ning Yi.

Just like Angela Baby, Chen Kun has received the Hundred Flowers Award. He gets the title Best Actor 3 times in 2008, 2010 and 2012. This is significance for him because the award is one of the most prestigious award in China.

Surprisingly, Chen Kun’s most liked post from the last 3 months is not a picture of himself, but rather a picture that he posted to congratulate Zhou Xun for her birthday this october. Zhou Xun is a fellow Chinese actress.

screenshot was taken from Chen Kun Weibo Account


Who will comes next on the list? Check out the Part 2 of Top 10 Chinese Influencer on Weibo!

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