Top 10 Chinese Influencers on Weibo (Part II)

Part 2 of 2

Last week, we covered 5 of the Top 10 Most Followed Chinese Influencers on Weibo, if you have not read the article yet, click here. Now, let’s see who else is in the Weibo’s Top 10 Chinese Influencers list!

6. 赵薇 (Zhao Wei)

Zhao Wei is a well known Chinese actress, producer, and singer. With more than 85 million followers on Weibo, she comes sixth on the list.

While Angela Baby, who sits in 4th place, is one of the 4 actresses from the new Four Dan Actresses, Zhao Wei is part of the Four Dan Actresses from the early 2000s, which means she is one of the most bankable actresses of that era. Not only that, In 2015, Forbes named her the world’s wealthiest working actress.

Zhao Wei’s top performing post from the last 3 months is not a picture of herself, but a re-post from 杨子姗 (Yang Zi Shan), a fellow celebrity. In the post, Zhao Wei compliments Yan Zi Shan’s beauty.

Screenshot taken from Zhao Wei Weibo account

7. 姚晨 (Yao Chen)

screenshot taken from popular chips platform

Yao Chen comes next with 5 million fewer followers than Zhao Wei, which is not bad at all as she still has more than 80 million followers. Just like Zhao Wei, Yao Chen is also a famous actress in China.

According to What’s On Weibo, Yao Chen was one of the first celebrities who has been sharing personal stuff on Weibo since 2009. She often posts about her daily life. This must be why people like to follow her, so they can get to know her on a more personal level than as opposed to the well-edited TV clips.

The post that has gotten the most engagement in the last 3 months is the one where she promotes the October issue of FATHERS.



screenshot from Yao Chen Weibo account

8. 林心如 (Ruby Lin Xinru)

screenshot from popular chips platform

Ruby Lin Xinru is the eighth on the list with more than 76.4 million followers. She is an actress, producer, and singer from Taiwan.
In 1998, Ruby Lin played in a comedic drama called My Fair Princess. The drama was very successful and it basically made Ruby Lin famous. Not only in Taiwan but several other countries such as mainland China and Hong Kong. This year, she won the Best Actress at Huading Awards for her work in The Devotion of Suspect X.

Unfortunately, according to Global Times, even though she is very loved by the public, she has been experiencing cyberbully.
Wallace Huo Chien-hwa, Ruby’s husband, also had had the same experience, which led him to quit Weibo and close his account.
Unlike her husband, Ruby Lin is still active on Weibo.

On August 17th, she posted a picture of her and her husband sweetly hugging. This post became the most liked compared to her other posts of the last 3 months.

screenshot from Ruby Lin Weibo Account

9. 邓超 (Deng Chao)

If you know the Korean variety show Running Man, there is a spin-off of this variety show called Keep Running in China. This show has gotten quite popular. One of the leading cast in Keep Running is Deng Chao, who has 75.7 Million on Weibo, making him the ninth on the list.

Deng Chao is known by his fans as an actor, comedian, director, and singer. He has been recognized as The Best Actor in 2017 at the Golden Rooster Award for his role in The Dead End.

Since he is also a comedian, it makes sense that his most liked post on Weibo is a silly picture of him wearing a funny hat. This post generated more than 565,227 likes and 28,155 comments on Weibo.


Screenshot taken from Deng Chao Weibo Account

10.夢想家林志穎  (Jimmy Lin Chih-Ying)

screenshot from Popular Chips platform

Last but definitely not least, we have Jimmy Lin Chih-ying. By looking at the background image of his Weibo account ( a picture of a race car), we can tell that he is a race car driver. He is very passionate about it, he did not stop even when he had an accident back in 1997. Aside from being a race car driver, he is an actor and a singer. Just like Ruby Lin, whom he dated in the past, he is also coming from Taiwan.

He often posts about his wife and his three children on Weibo, as well as pictures related to car racing. However, the post that has gotten the most engagement of the last 3 months is a picture of him holding a cake with his mom and he congratulates her for the 68th birthday in the caption.


Screenshot taken from Jimmy Lin Weibo account

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