Top 10 Celebrity Halloween Costumes w/ the Highest Engagement on Instagram

It’s been about a good 4 days since Halloween 2019 which means everyone has had a chance to post multiple pictures of their costumes on Instagram as well as review everyone else’s choices — good, bad, and ugly. The most highly anticipated costumes are obviously the ones by celebrities, considering they have the deep pockets and the designers to go all out. In this article we rank the Top 10 talked about celebrity outfits this Halloween, sorted by engagement rate. 

10 – Kim Kardashian West & Family | 4.5% Engagement Rate

The Kardashians always bring it and if there’s two times a year we can count on them being dressed to the nines, it’s Halloween and Christmas. In 10th place this year we have the Kardashian-West clan dressed as The Flintstones (albeit a boujee version) with Kanye none other than Dino. Who would’ve expected any less. 

9 – Bella Hadid | 5.7% Engagement Rate

While one of Bella’s outfits this year also paid homage to The Flintstones, her rendition of Catwoman was far more popular. Superheroes never go out of style and Bella showed UP, making this one of her Top Liked posts this year.

Popular Chips

Not bad for a bathroom mirror selfie. 

8 – Ciara & Russell Wilson | 5.2% Engagement Rate

This year Ciara and her husband decided to dress up as a different kind of superhero: Beyonce (and Jay Z, of course). The couple recreated an iconic scene from the song APES**T which was shot in The Louvre and is on their album EVERYTHING IS LOVE.

Instead of the Mona Lisa in the background we see a portrait of Barack & Michelle Obama, homage to another powerful black couple in the US. This is definitely my favourite look of them all. 

7 – Lisa Rinna | 7.3% Engagement Rate

Rinna, one of the OG soap opera stars did JLo doing JLo. She recreated JLo’s iconic Versace look and pulled it off quite spectacularly. 

Marc Jacobs approves. 

6 – Halsey | 8.3% Engagement Rate

Halsey is not the first, nor will she be the last person to go as Marilyn Manson for Halloween. Or on a regular day. While she seems to be missing the high forehead, this look is unmistakably Mechanical Animals. 

For this she received an 8.3% engagement rate which is 8 times the industry average and higher than her own average engagement rate as well. 

5 – Stormi Webster (via Kylie) | 8.5% Engagement Rate 

Stormi doesn’t know it yet, but her Halloween look this year was ALL over Instagram. Her mother, Kylie Jenner, dressed her in a miniature version of the moghul’s MET Gala look, complete with the purple wig and all. 

This is Kylie’s 4th most liked post of 2019 — quite a feat considering we’re nearing the end of the year. 

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If I had a kid, I’d dress her as me too. Trust. 

4 – Nina Dobrev | 8.5% Engagement Rate

Another popular costume this year was Billie Eilish, who is known for her eccentric style. Many Youtubers have tried to recreate her iconic looks, and this year Dobrev tried the same for Halloween. 

No word from Billie despite all the tags, but Nina’s audiences seemed to really like it. 

3 – Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake | 8.8% Engagement Rate

Here is a couple’s look we can get behind. 

Biel looks like she would have been a perfect stand in for Timberlake in N*SYNC, and so it only makes sense that he came dressed as a mic. 

2 – Normani | 11.5% Engagement Rate

Is it even Halloween if no one dresses as Cher? Our girl from Fifth Harmony absolutely slayed this look, in my opinion.

She is the black Cher we never knew we needed. 

1 – Angelica Ross | 25% Engagement Rate

Finally, at the top of the game, is Angelica Ross who pulled a Gabrielle Union. 

Known for her role on POSE as Candy who never gets her big break, this outfit and ranking seems to more than make up for all that. 

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Written by Deesha Menon

Influencer Marketing at Popular Chips. Interested in social issues, narratives, books, social media, and machine learning.

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