Top 10 Beauty Influencers in USA

If you own an Instagram account, you probably would be familiar with the term “influencer”. With the increasing number of brands approaching influencers to be their ambassadors, no longer do we rely heavily on celebrities and magazines to tell us the latest in’s and out’s of beauty and fashion. A simple scroll on your social media sites could tell you whether dad shoes are a “do” or “don’t”, or if your contour skills should be corrected.

The future of social media influencer marketing is shining as brightly as ever in the new digital media industry. Influencers are more than just people who pose for pretty pictures — they are able to educate, inspire, and relate to their followers. People enjoy seeing aesthetically pleasing images, which is a reason why beauty influencers are especially popular with social consumers like you and me. We enjoy seeing people putting on makeup, and we crave to learn the makeup tricks and tips from these pros, regardless of whether they are certified makeup artists or simply self-taught experts. These beauty influencers usually have a substantial amount of followers, and they exclusively endorse beauty brands and/or products on their social media platforms.

Previously, we have analysed the top 10 Singaporean beauty influencersToday, I want to share with you the top 10 USA beauty influencers who have dominated most of our social media sites, ranked from the highest percentage of American followers to the lowest.*

1. Leslie Quezada @Leeexlieee

Ranking 1st in place is Leslie Quezada, known by her internet moniker @Leeexlieee. Born and raised in Texas, the makeup artist cum social media influencer has garnered 568k followers on her social media account, with 90.39% of the followers from America!

Leslie first started out by posting makeup tutorials on Youtube. Ever since then, she has garnered a cult following on Youtube, which has over 273k subscribers to date.

Leslie is also known for her chic fashion sense and is often spotted on her Instagram donned in several trendy pieces, completed with her 10/10 looks.

2. Laura Lee @larlarlee

Ranking 2nd place we have Laura Ann Lee, a makeup artist, YouTuber, and current girl boss of the Laura Lee Los Angeles cosmetics. Out of her 2.1 million followers, 53.16% of them are from America!

Laura started her influencer journey by posting photos of her made up looks on Instagram, before she eventually moved to upload makeup tutorials on her Youtube channel. Even though she only started her Youtube channel in 2013, she has already amassed a strong following of over 4 million subscribers!

This talented makeup expert/influencer collaborated with several big beauty brands such as Too Faced and MAC Cosmetics, before eventually releasing her own line of cosmetics Laura Lee Los Angeles in October 2017.

3. Kandee Johnson @kandeejohnson

Ranking 3rd in place, we have Kandee Johnson, a Youtuber famously known for her transformational makeup videos. Check out this Barbie Doll makeup transformation she did that generated over 33 million views!

Kandee started out with blogging in 2008, before uploading makeup tutorials on Youtube in 2009. Although she is older than the average age of influencers, she remains popular and exudes influence to her 1.8 million followers on Instagram! Kandee maintains a well-known beauty influencer in America with the majority of her followers from there, at 52.57%.

4. Manuel Gutierrez @mannymua733

Ranking 4th in place, we have Manny MUA! Being one of the rare few males in the beauty industry with top-notch bold makeup skills, Manny has scored a loyal following of more than 4 million on each his Instagram and Youtube accounts, with 51.15% of his followers on Instagram from America.

His videos are so enjoyable and real, that he was approached by Maybelline to be their brand ambassador (their first male ambassador!) in 2017.

5. Arika Sato @arika

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Ranking 5th in place is Arika Sato, beauty and lifestyle influencer from California. Arika is greatly known for her fitness, beauty, health, and lifestyle content, with 47.64% of her followers from America. She started blogging and vlogging about makeup and beauty as a hobby, which eventually grew into her job.

This goal-getter has also collaborated with multiple brands and launched her Arika Sato lingerie collection on her website in 2017.

6. Jeffree Star

You may be familiar with this name if you own his famous liquid lipsticks — ranked 6th in place is none other than Jeffree Star! One of the beauty boys of the industry, this sassy influencer has accrued a strong following of 10 million followers on his Instagram, with 45.76% of his followers from America.

Aside from his beauty videos on Youtube where he showcases swatches and reviews, Jeffree Star is also a musician and he releases several of his music videos on Youtube as well.

7. Shayla Mitchell @makeupshayla

Ranking 7th in place is Shayla Mitchell, with over 2.7 million followers in which 45.13% of her them are from America!

Aside from makeup, Shayla is also popular for content that circulates around topics of female empowerment, hustling in life, fitness, and body positivity.

8. James Charles @jamescharles

Ranking 8th in place is Cover Girl spokesmodel and brand ambassador James Charles! At just 19 years old, this teen influencer is serving looks and blowing our minds away with his makeup skills time and time again.

Unsurprisingly, his stunning makeup looks have attracted more than 12 million followers on each his Instagram and Youtube page, with the majority of his followers (39.74%) on Instagram being from America.


9. Stephanie Villa @soothingsista

Ranking 9th in place is Stephanie Villa, known by her army of fans as @soothingsista on her social media pages! This edgy influencer is known for her essential beauty tips, her unique “badass” dressing, and her woman-to-woman advice. Stephanie has more than 335k followers on her Instagram account, 38.11% of which are from America!

Stephanie’s passion for makeup extends over to her Youtube channel as well. Aside from her vlogs,  she also frequently uploads makeup tutorials and beauty reviews.

10. Bretman Rock @bretmanrock

Last but not least, ranked 10th place is none other than Bretman Rock! Known for his sassy and over-the-top personality, Bretman went viral while he was still attending high school. Being one of the rare beauty boys of the industry alongside his unapologetic personality, Bretman quickly rose to fame. To date, he has 11.2 million followers on his Instagram account, in which 32.49% of them are from America.

Bretman has also cultivated a loyal following on his Youtube account over 4 million subscribers with each video generating at least a million views!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our take on 10 beauty influencers in USA, ranked according to their percentage of American followers!

*For those of you who may be wondering why we have chosen to rank the influencers based on their percentage of American followers, rather than the absolute number, this is because many brands continue to manage their influencer marketing efforts locally. In such cases, one can pay for a mega-influencer who has many followers, but find that only 20-30% of the influencer’s audience actually finds the content relevant.

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