Top 10 Beauty Influencers in United Kingdom

Previously, we have analysed the Top 10 Beauty Influencers in USA. Today, we will be analysing the top 10 beauty influencers in the United Kingdom who have dominated most of our social media sites, ranked from the highest percentage of British followers to the lowest.* Let’s hop in!

1. Melissa Sophia Panayiotou @Mellysophiamua

Ranked 1st in place is Melissa, a professionally trained MAC makeup artist with over 210k following on Instagram. This makeup guru also hosts her own television makeover show, 100% Hotter.

More than 50% of Melissa’s followers on Instagram are from the United Kingdom.


Ranked 2nd in place is Ruth Crilly, an international fashion model and makeup guru. She has worked with multiple brands and was featured in several publications such as Elle magazine.

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Just popped up a new post on powder-soft blurry-edged red lips. Patted down simplicity, easy to wear, supremely chic. Great if your vision isn’t 20-20 and you can’t ever get your lip line right anyway… The lipstick shade is Spicy Chilli from @clarinsuk, foundation is Pro Glow from @lorealmakeup, mascara is @clarinsuk Supra in brown, possibly the best brown mascara ever created. (Not hard to be fair, as most brown mascaras tend to be shit. Sweeping statement but I speak from experience.) Link to post is in my profile and going up on stories. Photo taken in daylight with no filtering or retouch, zoom in for chin hairs. Joke. I pulled them out before I started filming!! #makeup #redlips

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Majority of this fresh-faced beauty has 47.81% of her followers from the United Kingdom.

The globe-trotting model has also a Youtube channel ‘A Model Recommends’, where she occasionally dishes out her makeup tips and tricks.

3. Jordan Lipscombe @JORDANLIPSCOMBEE

Ranked 3rd in place we have Jordan Lipscombe, a beauty, fashion and lifestyle vlogger. This 21-year-old may be young, but she has already gathered a loyal following of 1.5 million subscribers on her youtube channel.

Based in Hampshire, 37.44% of Jordan’s followers on Instagram are from the United Kingdom.

4. Lily Pebbles @LILYPEBBLES

Ranked 4th in place is beauty influencer, Lily Pebbles! Lily first started her blog called What I Heart Today, because of one of her university modules. Ever since then, her blogging skyrocketed and turned into her full-time career as a blogger and influencer.

At least 33% of Lily’s followers are from the United Kingdom.

Lily can also be found on Youtube, where she uploads weekly videos on beauty, lifestyle and random snippets of her life — which has garnered over 75 million views ever since her first video in 2012.

5. Anna Newton @THEANNAEDIT

Ranked 5th in place is Anna, beauty and lifestyle influencer from the United Kingdom! Anna first started her blog “Vivianna Does Makeup” back in 2011 when she only blogged about makeup. As of today, she rebranded herself as TheAnnaEdit, and has evolved into becoming a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle influencer, with 423k followers on her Instagram page! Anna has also recently released her book, An Edited Life, where she wrote about balancing the different aspects of her life amidst the hustling and bustling.

Currently, 27.59% of Anna’s followers on Instagram are from the United Kingdom.

Anna also has a cult following of 468k subscribers on her Youtube channel. Do check out her videos where she talks about the happenings in her life and uploads her tutorial lifehacks!

6. Samantha Maria @samanthamariaofficial

Ranked 6th in place is Samantha Maria, a London-based beauty vlogger. Samantha began her blog 10 years ago when she wanted a platform to share her styling inspirations and tips and outfits. Today, she has evolved into a well-known beauty influencer, with a loyal Instagram following spanning over more than half a million followers.

Her top followers are from the United Kingdom, at 27.53%.

Samantha is also a proud mom of her Youtube channel, Beautycrush, where she uploads her beauty tutorials, advice, and daily happenings.

7. Samantha Chapman @Pixiwoos

Ranked 7th in place we have Samantha Chapman, the original founder of Pixiwoo on Youtube. Her sister, Nicola Chapman, joined the Youtube channel soon after. The two beauty guru sisters have together started a makeup school and launched a makeup brush line.

The successful sisters roll out weekly beauty related tutorials and reviews, which explains their strong 2.1 million Youtube following with 26.53% of Samantha’s followers on Instagram from the United Kingdom.

8. Nicola Chapman @pixiewoo

Ranked 8th in place, is Samantha’s sister, Nicola Chapman. Over here, Nicola, the other half of Pixiewoo, has at least 27.29% of her followers from the United Kingdom.

Nicola also uploads her makeup tutorials on Pixiwoo. Do check out her videos!

9. Jamie Grant @jamiegenevieve

Ranked 9th in place is Jamie Grant, better known as Jamie Genevieve on her social media channels. With over 1.1 million followers on her Instagram page, Jamie is one of the hot influencers who rose to fame as a result of her glamorous made-up shots that she uploaded on her Instagram page, with the tagged makeup brands that she used.

26.22% of Jamie’s followers are from the United Kingdom.

As Jamie’s followers grew, she started to get more questions and requests for video tutorials on how to achieve her looks. You can find them on her Youtube channel here!

10. Tanya Burr @TANYABURR

Last but not the least, ranked 10th in place, is actress and beauty influencer Tanya Burr!

Tanya was a trained makeup artist before getting into the youtube scene and uploading easy-to-follow makeup tutorials, which eventually catapulted her into becoming one of the top Youtubers with over 3.5 million subscribers.

At least 18% of her top followers are from the United Kingdom.

If you are big about makeup, you must have heard about her cosmetic range Tanya Burr Cosmetics!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our take on 10 beauty influencers in the United Kingdom, ranked according to their percentage of British followers!

*For those of you who may be wondering why we have chosen to rank the influencers based on their percentage of British followers, rather than the absolute number, this is because many brands continue to manage their influencer marketing efforts locally. In such cases, one can pay for a mega-influencer who has many followers, but find that only 10-15% of the influencer’s audience actually finds the content relevant.

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