Top 10 Beauty Influencers in Sweden

Happy Monday! Today, we’ll be starting the week with the Top Beauty Influencers in Sweden. Let’s go!

Linn Ahlborg

The Swedish blogger and Youtube personality owns one of Sweden’s largest blog and YouTube channel. With a local following of 55.72%, her content features a mix of lifestyle and fashion, with some emphasis on her personal beauty style. She has also done up a wardrobe collection collaboration with fashion brand, NA-KD.

Her popularity has led to her frequent sponsorships from various beauty brands.

Isabella Lowengrip

A unique blogger who shares her take on beauty, business and motherhood. With a local following of 54.11%, Isabella is passionate about the things she feels is important to the day to day readers around her. With her strong engagement, she has garnered huge readership and secured partnerships with various beauty brands. She has been awarded as Scandinavian’s biggest blog, with 1.5m readers weekly.

Antonia Johnson

Commonly known as ‘Anty’, Antonia also calls herself the Makeup Addict. As you can see, she loves makeup! She frequently shares tutorials of different makeup looks on both her Instagram and Youtube account. She ensures to upload new tutorials and beauty looks to suit any occasion. One of her well-loved tutorials would include her Halloween looks. Antonia is definitely not afraid to go wild with makeup! She currently enjoys a local following of 53.79%.

Wilma Holmqvist


Makeup and beauty Youtuber, Wilma is commonly known for her expert tutorials in beauty tips and styles. She began her journey on her WilmaBeauty Youtube account by showing off some of her favourite shoes. Since then, she decided to pursue her passion for beauty and eventually became a beauty web star, enjoying a local following of 52.06%.

Rebecca Stella

As a Swedish singer, designer, model and beauty blogger, Rebecca Stella has garnered quite a fan base with her talent significance in the beauty and entertainment line. The well-trained professional in beauty enjoys a local following of 24.23%.

With her success and influence in beauty, she started her own beauty line. This was highly successful and was purchased by many influencers, some of which even gave their reviews online.

Lisa Olssen

Lisa enjoys blogging about her unique inspirations on fashion, beauty, and travel. She frequently shares her makeup styles with Youtube video tutorials as well. Her success has also led to her founding of her jewellery brand, Nootka. Currently, 8.58% of her followers are Swedish.

Angelica Blick

The fun blogger and Youtuber has won multiple awards for her blog, such as “International Blog of the Year”. She enjoys fashion and makeup has multiple collaborations with many well-known makeup brands. She has a local following of 7.92%.

Sendi Skopljak


Apart from her frequent travel showcases, blogger Sendi is a great mix of beauty, fashion and food. She currently has a local following of 7.80%. The highly sought after influencer has taken on multiple collaborations with famous beauty brands.

Janni Deler

Janni Deler initially created her blog to share her travels – but her passions could not contain her and it slowly developed into a travel, beauty and fashion blog. She also shares beauty tutorials on her Youtube account. She enjoys a local following of 7.50%.

Kenza Zouiten Subosic

Blogger, Model, Influencer, TV host, and fashion designer, Kenza has one of the biggest blogs in the Scandinavia. She enjoys a local following of 7.40%. She blogs about her passions for beauty and fashion, and even started her own fashion line, Ivyrevel. As beauty icon, she is also the ambassador of the famous makeup brand, YSL.


That’s all we have for Swedish Beauty Influencers! Wishing you all a great week!

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