Top 10 Beauty Influencers in Spain

Today, we will be looking at the Top 10 Beauty Influencers in Spain! Let’s go!

Anita Matamorus

With a very high local following of 74.41%, the young 18-year-old fashion and beauty influencer has developed a broad base of followers from her social media network.

She shares a variety of content ranging from hauls to jokes to lifestyle – and our favourite would be her beauty tutorials!

Laura Escanes

Born and raised in Barcelona, the Spaniard lifestyle influencer is passionate for topics like fashion, travel and writing. The blogger‘s fame led to her modelling career, and she eventually became the cover of Live Netherlands magazine in 2015. She currently has 60.17% of her followers from Spain.

She is frequently sponsored by well-known makeup brands like L’Oreal. She enjoys featuring her makeup looks on her Instagram account. She even has an Instagram highlight dedicated to her beauty recommendations and looks.

Her youtube account also features makeup tutorials and tips.

Paula Gonu

Social media star Paula Gonu has gained much popularity on Youtube and Instagram through her vlogs, hauls and tutorials. Having a passion for beauty, she has conducted several makeup tutorials on her Youtube account, and can be seen to have collaborated with many brands on beauty and lifestyle. She currently has a local following of 56.17%.

She frequently features her beauty collaborations on her social media platforms.

Rocio Orsono

One of the most highly sought after influencers in her country and with a local following of 45.34%, the Spaniard blogger and fashion designer, Rocio Orsono, is known for her strong image and recognition in the fashion industry. She owns a well-established fashion clothing line under her name that has grown to an exponential level.


She enjoys sharing her personal style on social media. She shares makeup tutorials, recommended products and brands with her followers.

Maria Pombo

Instagram sensation blogger Maria Pombo, is the author of the famous blog, Look and Fashion. She even has her own fashion line, Tipitent. Her road to fame began in 2011, when she created her twitter account. She has since earned herself the recognition as a beauty web star, and now enjoys a local audience of 44.55%.

She enjoys sharing makeup tutorials with her followers so much, that she has done multiple makeup tutorial collaborations with famous makeup brands.

Her fans look up to her so strongly for her beauty looks and guides that she began sharing informal tutorials on her Instagram stories as well.

Marina Yers

The famous Youtube star started posting videos in 2016, and is known for her stories, tutorials and more, including beauty content. She has a local audience of 44.54%.

Some of her engaging videos include makeup reviews on her channel.

Maria Turiel Soler

Also known as Meryturiel on social media, the star is known for her fashion and lifestyle content on social media. She enjoys a local following of 45.53% on Instagram. She does frequent collaborations and features of her favourite makeup brands.

She recently hosted a huge beauty giveaway, which was widely participated by her fans.

Aida Domenech

The Spanish fashion vlogger is known for her blog and Youtube account, both under the name DULCEIDA, with a local following of 40.17%. She initially started blogging as her hobby, but her fame brought her to taking it on as a full-time job. Her topics of interest include fashion and lifestyle. She was listed as Best Style Fashion Blog at Berlin’s Fashion Week.

She loves playing with makeup, and frequently shares makeup tutorials for unique looks.

She also features her makeup looks with her brand collaborations.

Jessica Goicoechea

Spanish fashion model and designer began her modelling career through her Instagram fame. With a passion for beauty, she enjoys a local following of 32.33% and has collaborated with many beauty brands through influencer marketing and makeup tutorials.

She owns her own fashion line, Goi, with a beauty extension that she frequently features on her social media account.

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Alexandra Pereira

Also known as @lovelypepa, the fashion, lifestyle and travel blogger has collaborated with many luxurious brands like Chanel and Dolce & Gabanna due to her social media success. The famous blogger has also developed her own fashion line, The Lovely Pepa Collection. She has a local following of 16.59%.

Her lifestyle tips include makeup. She occassionally shares makeup tutorials on her Youtube and Instagram account.

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