Top 10 Beauty Influencers in Korea

With the K-wave continuously dominating the world, Korean influencers have gained a huge following over the years and it is not stopping anytime soon. We love keeping up with our favourite Korean it-girls and have even made a list of our top picks but with the ever-growing industry, there are so many more influencers popping up on our radar every now and then.

The endless wide-ranging world of Korean beauty, or k-beauty, can be overwhelming and a little daunting. Fortunately, some of Korea’s top beauty bloggers are making it much easier by sharing everything from their personal skincare routines to product reviews–right on Instagram and Youtube.
Previously, I have analysed The Top 10 Beauty Influencers in Indonesia. Today, I have compiled a current list of Top 10 Korean beauties that have large Korean audience. These beauty influencers are making their mark in the Korean cosmetics industry and I have ranked them according to their number of Korean audience.

Pony (@ponysmakeup)

The girl who transformed to Taylor Swift. With over 4.7 million subscribers on YouTube and 6 million followers on Instagram, Pony has gained “beauty guru” title with a huge following around the world, particularly in her native Asia.

Despite Korea being 2nd place after USA, she has more than 463 thousands loyal followers in Korea.


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이 메이크업 보고싶으시죠? 그렇죠?! 곧 업로드 할게요 :3 💨

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She was a former makeup artist for CL from 2NE1, PONY is known for her glam looks powered by bold use of colour, bright red lips, which go hand-in-hand with her signature brightly-dyed hair. The vlogger has also launched her own cosmetics line “PONY Effect”, released makeup books, and been to Singapore as part of an Etude House collaboration.


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. 🎀 GIVEAWAY EVENT 🎀 . 여러분! 제가 이번에 시세이도의 모던매트 파우더립스틱 익스프레시브 디럭스 미니 세트 리본네이시아 리미티드 에디션과 함께 특별한 이벤트를 준비했어요! 참여해주신 분들 중 총 15분께 시세이도 제품들을 선물로 보내드릴게요.🎉🎁 해외에 계신 분들도 참여 가능하니 많이 지원해주세요!:) . . . 🔔신청 방법🔔 . . 1. 제가 2018년 9월 11일에 유튜브에 업로드 했던 시세이도 메이크업 영상 속 Timeless Red Lip Look과 Sophisticated Matte Look 둘 중 하나를 골라주세요. 2. 선택한 룩의 메이크업을 도전 후 셀피를 찍어 해시태그 #PonyXShiseidoGiveaway 를 달아 인스타그램에 올려주세요. 3. 2018년 11월 29일까지 응모 해주세요! . . 15명의 당첨자는 2018년 11월 30일에 발표하겠습니다! . . . 🎀 GIVEAWAY EVENT 🎀 . Everyone! 🙂 . I had the opportunity to work with @shiseido with their ModernMatte Powder Lipstick Expressive Deluxe Mini Set Ribbonesia Limited Edition.💄 . I will be doing a giveaway of a variety of different Shiseido products for 15 people! . This is a global event for everyone, so please apply for this special giveaway! 🌎 . . . How to apply: . 1. Choose between the two different looks that I uploaded on YouTube on September 11th, 2018 called the Timeless Red Lip Look or the Sophisticated Matte Look. 2. Copy one of the makeup looks and post a selfie with the hashtag #PonyXShiseidoGiveaway on Instagram. 3. The deadline for all posts are by November 29th, 2018 . I will announce the 15 winners on November 30th, 2018!♥️ . .

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Risa Bae (@risabae_art)

A former makeup artist to girl groups AOA and EXID, Risabae is known for recreating celebrity looks with precision.

The makeup guru’s appearance was met with an overwhelmingly positive reception from Korean netizens, with many complimenting her variety skills and beauty.

Risabae first earned attention as a broadcasting jockey (BJ) on Korean streaming site Afreeca TV. She then crossed over to YouTube, where she now has over 2 MILLION subscribers! She’s also an Instagram sensation with over 915,000 followers with 579.4K Korean followers (63.26%), making her 1st place as a Korean beauty influencer.

Risabae is best known for her themed makeup tutorials and resemblance to Sunmi.

Her detail-oriented tutorials are suitable for beginners of K-beauty to learn the basics. The vlogger’s makeup subtly enhances one’s natural beauty, offers helpful tips for those who seek to perfect their everyday looks. Her interaction with viewers, whom she calls “little ladies (and gentlemen),” also makes her broadcast a delight to watch.

Ki Eun-se 기은세 (@kieunse)

Ki Eun-se is an actress turned full-time influencer who posts photos of her beauty tips and enviable wardrobe. She has over 7.5K subscribers on Youtube and 455K followers on Instagram.

As she has 192K Korean followers, she secures Top 3 place as a Korean beauty influencer.

SSIN 씬님 (@ssinnim)

A cosplayer-turned-vlogger, SSIN presents dramatic makeup inspired by anime and K-pop idols. In each 10-minute-long clip, her busy hands recreate looks of cartoon characters like Elsa from Frozen, as well as divas like CL.

She starts her tutorials with an androgynous look, but skillfully pulls off feminine as well as boyish makeup looks. Plus, she’s entertaining, which makes her videos all the more fun to watch.

Androgynous SSIN sees no boundary in her metamorphosis, as she turns into non-human characters like unicorns and zombies. The vlogger doesn’t hold back from critical comments on cosmetics she uses, which makes her broadcast an interesting as well as informative one for those looking for product reviews.


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Back to 1930’s💋 _ Next tutorial! 어제 촬영에는 반짝반짝한 피부표현에 가장 집중했는데요, 평소 절대로 안쓰는 맥 #스트롭크림 + 에스쁘아 #비글로우 베이지 + 아르마니 #핑크쿠션 + #립글로즈 조합이었습니다. 프라이머와 컨실러의 탄탄한 베이스 작업 덕분이었는지 비글로우의 지속력은 나쁘지 않았지만 머리카락 한올 붙으면 떼기 무지 어려운 끔띡한쳨쳐크함💦 아르마니 핑크쿠션은 얼굴에 기름 바르는 느낌 이상도 이하도 아닌 .. 글로우하이라이터용(?)이랄까 평소에 단독으로는 전혀 못쓸것 같더라구요. 오늘 피부표현에 대한 노하우는 다다음주에 올라올 요 영상에서 더 풀어볼게용💋 #씬님 #ssin #kbeauty #retromakeup

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LAMUQE 라뮤끄 (@lamuqe_magicup)

Lamuqe is perhaps best loved for her youthful complexion that stays flawlessly smooth even after she removes makeup. Her beauty tutorials are a complete breakdown of what you should know about skincare, and the ways to achieve a specific type of look according to the day’s needs. Lamuqe’s is a head-to-toe beauty guide that covers hair and fashion. Women in their 20s to 30s are the main audience.

Since joining YouTube in November, 2011, Lamuqe has accumulated about 1.3 million subscribers as of the start of 2019. Her Instagram account is made up of 61.81% Korean followers which is a total of 130K.


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오늘은 올리브영 강남 본점에서 필리밀리 뷰티클래스를 했어요😆 그래서 올리브영 담당자님이 선물로 V컷브러시 20개 주셨는데요! 아무래도 요건 여러분께 드리면 좋을 거 같아서 작은 이벤트 해보려고 해요!🎉🤩🎉 요기에 댓글로 올해 좋았던 거나, 해보고 싶지만 아직 못 해본 게 있다면 간략히 적어주세요. 20명 랜덤으로 추첨해서 브러시 선물 보내드릴게요!! 히힣❤ – 오늘도 알차고 뜻깊게 보낸 거 같아요.😊 그리구 엄~~청 큰 스크린에서 제 영상에 플레이 되고 있는 걸 보니 감동과 감격이ㅜㅜ 여러 생각이 드는 밤이네요. 여러분, 고마워요😍 사랑해요❤ – #올리브영 #필리밀리 #라뮤끄

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Sunny’s Channel 써니채널 (@sunnychannel)

Sunny, a 20-year-old girl living in New York City, is best known for her celebrity makeovers and easy makeup tutorials for teenagers

From CL, HyunA and Suzy to D.O. of EXO, Sunny has covered nearly 30 K-pop stars’ makeup. The episode where she transformed into EXID’s Honey has garnered over 3.6 million views so far.

She’s also fluent in English but only her newer videos offer English subtitles. Fun fact: She’s receive attention for her resemblance to Lee Hyeri.


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Food-themed makeup tutorials, such as “Grapefruit Makeup” or “Lemon Guava Makeup,” give viewers a step-by-step guide to complete their daily look.

In addition to the makeup tutorial videos, Sunny reveals her daily life through “Sunny’s no jam vlogs” playlist.

김민영 (@minyoung_aori)

Full name, Kim Min Young is a model and television personality. She has been active as a beauty and fitness model. Therefore, she will be opening a weight management center and launching her own cosmetics brand.


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요즘 마음이 편해🥰

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Kim married to her husband, Seo Joo Won who is 3 years younger than her on November 11, in a private ceremony in Seoul. Seo Joo Won made his debut as a racer in 2008 through cart racing. Since then, he became the youngest Korean cart racing champion in 2010, and also became the first Korean champion in Japanese cart racing series in 2013 Her top performance posts are the one from their romantic wedding.

Dayeong 김다영 (@kimdayeong_life)

Another familiar face in the beauty blogging network is Kim Dayeong. She has 179K followers currently, 54.92% is made up of Korean followers. She is also actively posting her beauty videos on Weibo as well, earning 45K followers in her Weibo account.


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🔥🔥🔥이벤트종료🔥🔥🔥 짠❗️후후 뿌염하려다 아예 톤다운해버렸어요 😝ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 저번에 염색했을 때도 “포빠먼(포도주에 빠진 먼지)”이라고 암호 대면 30% 할인해주는거 어떤지 다미언니한테 제가 조심스럽게 물어봤었거든요 그때 흔쾌히 좋다고 하셨어서 이번에도 또 여쭤보고 약속받아왔어요💪🏻 – 🌹이 염색의 이름을 지어주신 한 분께 50% 할인! (헉대박쓰..) 👆🏻라고 썼는데 언니가 갑자기 50%말고 100% 하겠대욬ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ딴말 못하게 바로 피드 수정😝😝 이름지어주신 분은 100%!! 🌹지어진 이름을 대고 염색 받으시는 분들 께 30%할인 + 케어서비스 (정해지면 다시 포스팅할게용) – 이름 지어주세요! 살짝 창피한 이름.. 기대합니다👍🏻 @dami_jo15

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회사원 (@calarygirl_a)

Calary Girl introduces herself as a “Just an ordinary office worker,” but not all ordinary workers have over 1 million followers on their YouTube channels.

Unlike most beauty YouTubers, Calary Girl relentlessly carries out the extraordinary makeup challenges through the videos, such as “Doing makeup underwater,” “Putting 24K gold mask pack on the face,” or “Completing full makeup with sample cosmetic products.”

The multilingual YouTuber fluently speaks Japanese and English, she even runs another channel “Office Worker J,” targeting Japanese viewers.


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한글날 휴일 잘 보내고있나요오? #부산 #미포철길 #한복

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The unique playlists of the video well-portrays the character of her channel. Besides the usual “Makeup Tutorial” category, there are “Costume-play Makeup,” “Full makeup Challenge,” “Experiencing beauty salons all around the world” and “World’s most expensive beauty products.”

로즈하 (@xoxohaji)

Rose Ha is a beauty creator from DIA TV. She began her beauty journey as an online seller, selling  dresses, skirts, shoes, and brooches before she became popular on Youtube as a beauty influencer.

Just like Calary Girl, she also gained many followers from Japan. Rose is also the Queen of Performance among the beauty influencers, with a high engagement rate of 7.44%.

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