Top 10 Beauty Influencers in Japan

You may have read an article from our previous article on the Top 10 Beauty Influencers in Singapore. Today, we will be exploring outside our local environment as I will be sharing with you the Top 10 Beauty Influencers in Japan. Let’s go!

  1. Chihiro Kondo

    The number one beauty influencer in Japan will be Chihiro Kondo, also known as @chipichan.1215 on Instagram. The fashion model represented with Asia Promotion has 79.28% of her audience from Japan. 

    Well established on social media, she is an ambassador of Japanese brands like Lash Me and Color, and many more. She also started her own retail line, Ajuga, that offers clothing for children.

    She frequently shares her make up recommendations on social media, together with a mix of fashion and lifestyle content.

  2. Nanao Arai

    Next in line, is Nanao Arai, a model and actress with a local audience of 72.56%.

    She began her route to fame when she started out her career in the entertainment industry at the age of 20, and eventually became a regular model too. An ambassador of multiple cosmetic brand, she frequently shares her beauty recommendations on social media.

  3. Mayuko Kawakita

    Mayuko Kawakita is a Japanese-American actress and model with a local audience of 71.19%.
    She began her journey to popularity when she became the winner of the Japan Bishōjo Contest 2003, a beauty pageant held by Oscar Promotion. Since then, she became a model, starred in multiple TV shows, and earned the recognition as an online personality as well.

    She has endorsed many beauty products. Most of her online content focus on fashion and beauty.

  4. Genki Tanaka

    The Japanese Instagram icon, also known as @_genking_ on Instagram, has a local follower base of 63.76%.

    Genking started off promoting “genderless” fashion, as a male who enjoyed both male and female fashion. At the age of 20, Genking set up an Instagram account where selfies showcase a style that has attracted nearly 850,000 followers, kicking off a television career and culminating in a catwalk appearance at the packed Tokyo Girls Collection show last year. Read more about it here. Genking has developed a strong reputation as a beauty icon and regularly represents beauty brands.

    Genking regularly shares beauty recommendations, sponsorship and looks on Instagram stories even has story highlights dedicated to makeup, nails and beauty.

  5. Nicole Fujita

    A Japanese model of Polish and Russian descent, Nicole Fujita, also known as @2525nicole2 on instagram, has a local follower base of 64.51%.

    She began her career when she won the 13th Nicola Model Audition, earning herself the position as an exclusive model for the magazine.
    She frequently shares images of her glamorous looks from her modelling shoots.

    And occasionally adds in portraits of her nail art.

  6. Anne Nakamura

    A Japanese model, tarento and actress, Anne Nakamura, also known as @cocoannne on Instagram, has a total of 61.42% of local audience.

    She started her journey as a model when she participated in a model audition during her third year in college. She has since appeared in many fashion magazines and TV programs. She was recently awarded the “Sunglasses Department” award of the 28th Japan Megane Best Dresser Award and was chosen in first place of the women’s ideal figure in the Lespas fitness awareness survey.

  7. Jun Hasegawa

    Also known as @liveglenwood, 60.84% of Jun Hasegawa’s followers are from Japan.

    She became famous in 2005 and appeared in an exclusive model fashion magazine, Vivi, for eight years. She represents numerous fashion brands such as Shiseido and Rosebud through her modelling career.

  8. Naomi Watanabe

    Naomi Watanabe is the most popular Instagrammer in Japan. Her air Beyonce led to her fame, and her recognition as a fashion icon today. The Japanese comedian has a local following of 53.86% as her fame extends even outside of Japan. Beside holding world tours in Taiwan, New York and Los Angeles, VOGUE also put together a special issue that featured her.

    Unlike the usual Japanese influencer, she is not afraid of flaunting the fact that she isn’t slim. She also runs her own plus sized brand called ‘Punyus’. We just gotta love her confidence!

    With a follower count of 8.5m today, Naomi’s fame continues to increase everyday – as seen below.

    She did a make up tutorial under VOGUE as part of her feature.

    She also models and endorses many cosmetic brands like SHU UEMURA.

  9. Tsubasa Honda

    With a local following of 44.64%, Tsubasa Honda is a well known actress and model in Japan.

    Honda was initially scouted in 2006 and became an exclusive model for the magazine Seventeen in the same year.
    She represents many cosmetic brands, through her modelling career and her personal social media account.

  10. Audrie Kiko Daniel

    Also known as @i_am_kiko, the American-Japanese model has a local following of 22.12%.

    She started her modeling career at the age of twelve when she entered an audition contest for Seventeen magazine in which readers selected their favourite new face for the magazine.As a beauty icon, she often features her involvement in Beauty events.

    She also enjoys posting her catchy make-up looks.

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